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Have A Pet Plan For Pregnancy Or Illness

Amy Eller in The Herald-Sun reports:

You should have plans for pet care in case you become ill unexpectedly. Daily routines with your pets can become struggles if you are not up to your physical best. Walking the dog, trips to the vet or groomer, and changing the litter box are all things we take advantage of when we are well. If you suddenly become ill and cannot do these things, who will help you out? It is important to discuss this possibility with friends, family and neighbors.

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Why Do Couples Seek Divorce Late In Life?

Margaret Dickson in Up and Coming Magazine reports:

Several of my children’s friends have married in their early 20s, and I have looked at these beautiful young people filled with so much hope and so much promise and wondered whether they will still be together when they reach their statistical life expectancies in their 70s and 80s. I hope so, but I also know that as they work on their careers and building their families, they will also have to work on keeping up with each other.

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How We Become What We Are

Winifred Gallagher in The Atlantic Online reports:

New studies suggest that some aspects of human personality are inborn and resistant to change. Ironically, this makes the role of environment all the more important in shaping individual lives

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Movie: The Garden State

I recently watched the movie Garden State. The main characters were two of my favorite actors, Zach Braff and Natalie Portman.

The movie takes the viewer through a series of quirky, and strange events, that help keep the viewer engaged with the story. Throughout the movie, Zach’s character, Andrew Largemen, is coping with the loss of his mother, and is also rediscovering himself as he goes cold turkey from a life of psychotropic drugs (prescribed by his father since he was ten).

I don’t really want to review the movie, I just want to encourage those who haven’t seen it to go out and see it. The story gives great commentary to our desire to be unique, our connection to our parents, what we truly seek out of life, and the numbing effects of our culture. I particularly liked the end of the movie, where (without giving too much away) the two main characters throw out conventional reasoning, and choose to follow their heart instead instead of the logic of their mind.

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‘Fat’ hormone restores fertility

BBC News reports:

Injections of a hormone made by fat cells can jump-start an idling reproductive system, research shows.

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