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Hidden Appetite

Former New York Times food critic Ruth Reichl talks about the disguises she used, the madness of $500 meals and why restaurants are the great levelers.

Normally, a food critic wouldn’t really interest me, but Ruth Reichl just so happens to be an interesting person. The article highlights her new book, Garlic and Sapphires, and shows a much different look at the world of being a food critic. Reichl appears to be quite an observant and thoughtful person, as shown in this quote from the article:

“If you’re a rich person, you could spend your whole life eating vegetables that had never been touched by pesticides, eating animals that had never been inside a factory, eating all the pristine and wonderful organic foods that I’m thrilled about,” says Reichl. “If you’re a poor person you’re pretty much relegated to overprocessed junk, factory animals and pesticide-laden vegetables.”

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