Evite Saves the Day

by Lisa Donovan

It is my son’s 6th birthday this Thursday.

I have always dropped the ball when it comes to planning these things in a timely manner. I just can’t quite get my timeline right. I start thinking about it way too early and then, before I know it, I have put the plans away until we are a week away from the party date. Having watched all the mothers in my son’s kindergarten class mail out invitations and set rsvp dates well ahead of time - I promised myself I would not do it again this year. I had big plans to be uber-organized and finally give my son a successfully executed birthday - no timing problems and no rushing around at the last minute.

Alas, it must not be my destiny to be the mom who’s on the ball. I’m starting to except it as part of my inherent self. This year, I started making all the plans in my head and even made some lists and budget guidelines (which I have since lost). We knew where and when we wanted to have it and we had our guest list written down (also lost). Then I got comfortable. I didn’t think about it again until this past weekend. I was talking with my mom and she said “Well, we’ll see you next weekend!” and I said “No no no, not next weekend mom - you guys are coming the weekend of Joseph’s birthday party and that’s still a couple of weeks away.” Silence on the other end of the phone - then she said the words that put me into an immediate tailspin. “Honey, we are coming the weekend of his birthday party - next weekend.”

Typical, I thought. I had not put together, much less mailed, any invitations and had not called to make the reservations at the rock climbing place that we had decided would be the location of his party. I had to hustle. Typical, typical, typical.

I called the climbing place and, thank god, they still had an open party time slot. Phew. Now, invitations…. What to do. Should I just call everyone? Should I bring them to school? I decided that a phone call would be ok, but bringing the invitations to school would not work. We capped the party at nine kids and since we were not inviting the whole class sending them to school would, I’m sure, make some kids feel left out and leave my son with some explaining to do to those who were not invited. Then I remembered an Evite that I recieved for the baby shower of a friend. It was quick, sent directly to my email (which I use more than my regular mail these days - as does everyone else I think). Disco!

So, I went to the Evite site and, for free, set up a lifesavingly expeditious invitation to email out to everyone invited to the birthday party. Thanks to the school directory and a few phone calls to those not at Joseph’s school, plugging in the email addresses was simple and less harried that making ten phone calls last night.

Aside from the ease of getting it out to the invites on time, I was also able to attach directions and the waiver to sign (you have to sign a waiver for things such as rock climbing) - saving even more time for everyone involved. I’m in LOVE!

In just a short 12 hours, we have already recieved seven online RSVPs with comments about how great, informative and nice the Evite was. I think I have finally found a means to my end of complete disorganization. Amazing.

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