Sick of being Sick

by Lisa Donovan

Since we have all been sick these last few months - I have been doing some research about how be more preventative in my daily life.  There are so many foods that you can eat and so many little actions that you can incorporate into your daily life just to help you keep the bugs and flus far from you and your kids.  It is simple, especially with kids, to get caught up in the day to day rigamaroo of school, soccer practice, dinner, grocery shopping, potty training and work to forget to make the best decisions for your health.  We usually don’t think about it until we are sick.  Now that I am well again,  I have decided that I will get back to the thoughtful existence that I once maintained - the sort that kept me from getting every cold, cough and sniffle that fluttered by me.

One of my favorite ways to establish a healthier state of being, both mentally and physically, is with the almighty power of tea.  Not only do these herby embiberies create a soothing ritual if included in your daily routine, the right combination of tea and herbs can be exactly what your body needs to combat a nasty bug.

The facts Any hot liquid can help break up congestion, but tea has extra benefits. It contains compounds called theophyllines, which open up airways and ease breathing. So curl up with a mug of your favorite green, black or herbal tea, and soothe your scratchy throat while you ease your stuffy nose.

The latest Chamomile tea might be especially powerful: People who drink five cups of it daily have elevated levels of hippurate—a by-product of plant compounds that may have antibacterial properties—according to a report in the January 26, 2005 issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

My husband used to make it our routine to cozy up with a pot of hot tea, an old Bob Dylan album and each other every night.  It was a good reconnection time and, if we chose the right tea (green, especially) we were also being proactive in our preventitive remedies.

In the same Vegetarian Times article about the tea, soup is mentioned in the same accord.  There is something very exciting to me about food being healing - when prepared with the right ingredients and in a kitchen that oozes love, it is hard to imagine anyone ever being sick again.

So, here’s to better times and to a healthier 2006!

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