New 24-Hour Phone Response System Gives Parents Immediate Access to a Pediatrician / Pediatric Emergency Physician

by Jon Henshaw

Los Angeles, Calif. (April 27, 2006) - With overcrowded emergency departments and capacity constraints on office-based pediatricians, many parents find themselves in a quandary when it comes to taking the best course of action with a sick or injured child - especially if they cannot reach their primary physician immediately.

As most parents soon realize, unnecessary trips to the hospital or urgent care facility can be inconvenient and costly. Now parents who are unsure when to call their child’s doctor or when to seek emergency care can have their questions and concerns answered directly by leading pediatric emergency physicians.

Scheduled to launch May 3, 2006, KIDSMD-ON-CALL is the first phone service that provides parents with personal and immediate attention from a physician (unlike existing services that employ a nurse or physician’s assistant). The service charges a $12 connection fee and $7.99 per minute.

The founder of KIDSMD-ON-CALL, board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric

Emergency Medicine, has more than 15 years experience working in a large urban children’s emergency department. A former regional poison center consultant, he also has years of teaching experience, educating hundreds of doctors and nurses.

Parents will find the reliable counseling provided by KIDSMD-ON-CALL one of its most valuable features. When Jack and Aubyn Gominiak’s newborn son was crying uncontrollably, nursing constantly and had a distended belly, they took him to the emergency room, and he was admitted for testing.

“The problem was that we were getting conflicting information,” said Aubyn. One pediatrician dismissed the symptoms as colic, while another wanted to do a series of aggressive tests. “We were confused, and I would have liked to get an outside opinion to find out what course of action would be in our child’s best interest.”

Like many concerned parents, the Gominiaks took advantage of every possible resource to educate themselves on their son’s condition. And while there are several resources available, like the Internet, KIDSMD-ON-CALL offers individual attention and guidance, which puts medical information in the proper context for parents - based on their child’s distinctive situation.

How It Works:

Parents can call 866-4KIDSMD (454-3763) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’ll have immediate access to a physician who listens to their concerns. After the parent has been asked several questions about their child’s medical and surgical history and the current symptoms, an experienced and well-trained physician will provide the following:

  • A general impression about their child’s condition
  • An interpretation of the symptoms in easy-to-understand language
  • Education about the condition with general treatment guidelines
  • What to watch for and how to determine whether the condition is improving or worsening
  • What to expect if the child needs emergency care

Whether it’s a question about a cold or viral syndrome or a more concerning disease or serious condition, such as seizures or heart disease, KIDSMD-ON-CALL gives parents the chance to immediately speak to a physician who has treated thousands of patients with a wide variety of medical problems and traumatic injuries.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average wait time in an emergency room visit is 3.2 hours. More than half of nationwide visits to the emergency rooms are unnecessary. Although uninsured patients seeking routine care make up part of that statistic, another piece of the puzzle is the high number of worried parents who mistakenly believe they are acting in their child’s best interest by erring on the side of caution with a trip to the emergency room.

KIDSMD-ON-CALL may offer concerned parents the same peace of mind, possibly without wasting several hours at the hospital - or unnecessarily exposing a relatively healthy child to the possible risk of disease found in a healthcare setting.

KIDSMD-ON-CALL is not intended for life-threatening emergencies and a phone assessment is not as precise as a complete, in-person evaluation and examination. The physicians DO NOT diagnose conditions over the telephone. When parents call KIDSMD-ON-CALL, they will receive reliable information and personal counseling to help them make well-informed decisions on the medical care of their child.

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