Thank Goodness for Starbucks…..

by Lisa Donovan

When you’re feeling tired and overworked and, maybe, even a little cheated in life - go to Starbucks.  It was just the happy reality check that I needed.

I had a meeting there this morning and got there early enough to eavesdrop on quite a few delectable conversations.  There are a lot of days, most parents will agree, when I gaze with envy upon those singles that have more free time than they know what to do with.  They read magazines.  They download great, new music into their iPods.  They go out for drinks and movies.  They sit in weird places like Starbucks for hours on end and talk about their “problems”.  From the outside it looks luscious.  Today, though, I got the inside scoop, courtesy of Starbucks and it wasn’t pretty.

While I sat there, prior to eavesdropping, the initial illusion of sweet solitude and calm reverie was there.  But then I started to pay attention to conversations floating around the room.. What is with single, young people creating conflict in their lives?  Do they not see how simple things are?  I suppose they feel as though life is more interesting if it is more complicated.  Maybe I was that way, too, when I was young - I doubt it, but it’s possible.  Thank god for perspective, right?  The lady next to me was in a verbal fist fight on the phone with the DMV, trying to find out how to change the picture on her driver’s license - I kid you not… The poor thing was almost in tears.  The maybe-nineteen year old girl next to her was on her phone saying something to the effect of “how dare he say I spend too much of his money - I earn that sh#!”.  Wow.  I mean, how important is the picture on your driver’s license when you’ve babies to feed, butts to wipe, bills to pay and dinner to cook?  And damn if there has never been a day when I had the luxery of complaining about spending someone else’s money.  I barely have my own money to spend, much less someone else’s.  I just had one of those moments this morning where I felt delightfully out of place.  My hair was a mess, my shirt had a hole in it from my daughter tugging on it too much, my jeans were “sort of” clean, I had a to-do list that would probably make everyone else in that place shutter with exhaustion and it felt good.  So, I say, thank goodness for Starbucks - a place where tired parents can realize they are changing the world for the better simply because we are not contributing to the world where Starbucks, indeed, matters. 

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