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September 11th.

I woke up this morning - it was a regular Monday morning for us.  We hopped out of bed, packed lunches, scrubbed our faces, ate our eggs, brushed our teeth, kissed goodbye and started on our individual journeys out the door.  The list of things to do was spinning in my mind like an old turntable - over and over and over so I wouldn’t forget all the important things that I had to do.  I was in my usual, albeit unnecessary, hurry and frustrated because Maggie kept unbuckling her safety harness. Traffic was stupid.  I needed to get gas but there wasn’t a gas station in site.  I was hungry.  I was tired.  I was basically being an utter grump. 

As I drove down Broadway I started noticing a solemnness to to the streets - people sitting on park benches with their hands quietly folded, the flags all half mast.  Then I remembered.  I remembered what today was.  I remembered five years ago where I was sitting, the child I was holding - then just a small baby boy, the bird that wouldn’t stop singing, a painful irony, outside of my window as I watched the news in massive horror, how alone with my small child I felt, how tightly I was holding on to him, how tightly I wanted to be held by my mom.  We all have our story of that day.  I woke up today, I guess, not wanting to rethink about mine at all.  I hadn’t forgotten what was coming today - in fact, my husband and I sat and talked about it last night.  I guess I just had quieted the noisy pain of it until I could no longer keep it at bay.  I stopped everything I was doing and went to the park with my daughter.  I watched her play and laugh and couldn’t help but feel this weird feeling of joy and utter sadness all at the same time.  Nothing got done today and nothing should.  I hadn’t planned on writing about this at all - but honestly, it is what I am consumed with.  And, I could sit here and tell you how I realized what was important and how I let the tragedy of today remind me of how precious life is - which is true.  But the reality is that I am just terribly, terribly sad.  It is a great sadness I fear I will carry with me until the day I die.

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She Works Hard For Her Money…

What a treat!  Donna Summer came into the restaurant the other night and, you know what?  She has remarkable bangs!  Truly.  And, not only are her bangs remarkable, but she looks better than ever.  It brought several rushes of childhood memories back (standing in front of my mirror, hair brush/microphone in hand, listening to the Bad Girls album, wishing to god I was a beautiful black woman instead of a skinny, nerdy white one) and I felt an intense urge to break into “Love to Love You Baby” the entire time she was there. 

With all the famous Nashville folks that we have rolling in and out of the place, I must say, this was the first time I felt star struck.  Sure, Nicole Kidman and keith Urban were pretty - but that’s about it - they had no influence on the person I am today. And even though Scott Hamilton is a great figure skater and quite a nice guy - I just can’t say that he pulls any weight in the sexy, strong, teaching the young girls how to shake it department.  But Donna Summer - I salute you. 

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Terrible Terrible Twoooooooooo

Oh. My. God.

My daughter woke up this morning apparently possessed with satan himself. I don’t know what happened. She has been sick - and I thought that her nasty attitude was a symptom of that. But she is more than well now and the attitude has only gotten worse and way too big for her little, cute, cherubic body. I didn’t experience the terrible twos with my son. Actually, quite the opposite. Two to four was the best of times with him. It was such a foreign concept to me that when she started acting up, I had to wrack my brain to think of what could possibly be going on. Then it hit me: holy shit, I’m going to have to deal with that thing! That terrible two thing!

It all started with a cute little, puckered lipped “no….” then moved to a fully screamed “NO!” about a week or so after that first cutely pouted one. Then she never wanted to get dressed. I tried the give her the “options” route that all the pediatricians swear work. Liars. All of them. Liars. I mean, do these people even have kids!? “Baby, do you want to wear your striped pants or your skirt today?” I say with a casual smile. As she’s grabbing both the striped pants and her skirt out of my hand with a look reminicent of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction and throwing them with brute force that I could hardly imagine from a wrestler, much less a little blond baby, she screams “No MOMMY, NO! MEAN! NO!” then calmly sits down, pats her round, little belly and smiles “belly!” and then giggles as if nothing just happened. Wha?!? HUH!!? Who stole my baby and replaced her with a schizophrenic mad woman? Everything makes her angry and she refuses, absolutely refuses, any help from anyone. She has had tantrums that involve throwing any small furniture that she can get her hands on at her opposition and then throwing herself on the floor and staring up at the ceiling looking very much like she is contemplating her next thrashing.

Even though I think that most of these “tips” were written by people watching people who have kids and don’t actually have any themselves, it is still a sanity saver. Having options makes you feel, at the very least, like you aren’t insane.

I’m not sure what her next thrashing will be, but you can bet your bottom dollar that we are afraid. We are all very, very afraid.

Tune in next time for part two of Lisa and the Terrible Twos: The Visit to the Lawyer’s Office with Beligerent Toddler in Hand. It’s bound to be a good time.

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