Food Poisoning 101

by Lisa Donovan

I had my first experience being the parent of a kid with food poisoning yesterday, thanks to Sonic.  Against my better judgement and my usual disregard for fast food of any sort, I found myself in a bind yesterday - we were counting on eating lunch at the birthday party we had just attended but pizza was served and, somehow, my son hates pizza like most kids hate brussel sprouts- so we swung by and let the boy pick anything he wanted.  Anything.  He picked a corndog.  Apparently, and I’m only taking a wild guess here, but the evil cornbread coated weenie was the culprit.  By 10pm that night the poor kid was projectile-ing anything and everything he had eaten in the last ten hours - all over the bathroom, kitchen and, of course, not his bed but our bed.  I felt so bad for him.  In between blows, he would look up and say “do ya think the cake made me sick?”.. “do you think it was the corndog??”.. “do you think it was the roller skating???”…  He had gone to his very first roller skating party and I think the sweet darling thought that he was having delayed motion sickness - but I had my money on the greasy stick injected meat composite.  He was a real trooper throughout the whole thing - I even had to stop him from helping me clean up the floor.  It was pretty upsetting for him, I think. 

With the flu there is significant warning to any horrific vomiting episodes that might occur.  The sweats, the chills, the fever - all good indicators that things aren’t right.  Food poisoning, though, creeps up on you.  I tucked him in, kissed him good night and entirely out of nowhere he starts groaning like a collapsing steel bridge and when I suggest he take some time in the rest room we are, within seconds, all covered in - well, you get the picture.  I can’t even say that I have ever had food poisoning (knock wood, knock wood)… My husband has - actually had to rush to the hospital for dehydration.  Awful.

So, I just let him take it easy today.  I didn’t force food on him though, by the end of the day, I was being a little pushier than this morning.  I had realized that he didn’t want to eat because he was scared he would throw up again - not because he wasn’t hungry.  I’m quite certain, judging by his requests for dessert tonight, that he is feeling much better.  Just thought I’d share.   Aren’t you glad.  Nothing like a good food poisoning story. 

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