354 Days

by Lisa Donovan

That’s how long I have until the terrible twos are officially over.  Pray that they end sooner than that because, I really don’t know if we’ll make it.

I did have some relief yesterday after our horrifying excursion to the Green Hills Mall.  My mom is visiting and she likes to shop.  A lot. For those of you non-Nashvillians, let me just sum up the Green Hills Mall by saying it is the complete antithesis of Wal-Mart and has the exact adverse reaction on me. The sheer smell of the wealthy, botox injected freaks makes me undeniably nervous and grumpy.  Some days I can enjoy it for all that it is and isn’t - some days I am mature enough to consider it all as good material for the art that I will one day make again.  Yesterday, though, was not one of those days.  Apparently, it was Uberbitch day and my two year old was not welcomed.  Nor was I for that matter, but I have gotten used to that - I don’t look the green hills mall part and I’m pretty sure I hadn’t washed my hair that day.. A big no no.  It was just a ridiculously awful day and I wasn’t in the mood for anything even remotely challenging.

So, anyway, my relief came when we arrived home and my mom pulled out The Little Mermaid that she had bought my daughter the night before at Target (did I mention that she like to shop?).  Much to my chagrin (I have a thing with the Disney princesses.. I’d kick all of their whiney, drippy, overly accentuated asses if only given the chance) - my daughter was thrilled.  But it didn’t last long.. no no no.. It didn’t last long.  Within ten minutes she was begging (begging!) me to take it off saying “hate mrrrmaid.. hate mrrrmaid!”.  I still can’t figure out what upset her about it, but all she had to do was ask once.  My grin was ear to ear the rest of the night.  Of course, my mom was miffed.  She can’t understand why I can’t just let the kids have all the candy and television/movies that they want.  She thinks I am slighting them because I want them to think a little higher up the food chain than I was taught to.  Poo, I say.  She hates Ariel, all on her own!  I had nothing to do with that.  Of course, she writes it off to early brainwashing - basically, I may as well have removed her uterus as far as my mom is concerned.  GASP! What kind of girl doesn’t adore the Disney Princesses?  Mine.  mine mine mine….

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