High School Reunions…

by Lisa Donovan

Happiness is watching five of the snobbiest girls from your high school shaking their very hefty bottoms to “Hey Macarena” at your ten year reunion.  It was dizzying.  I hate that I got so much gratification from the fact that they were all obesely overwight but then I remembered one of them saying something to me at the grotesquely awkward age of fifteen about how I might one day be pretty enough for someone to marry me.  Yeah.  

Katie and I were the “weird girls” in high school.  We were drama dorks and we listened to a lot of Bob Dylan and Pheobe Snow.  We were far from dark or mysterious though.  We used to do cartwheels down the hall and shove funyuns up our nose just for a good time.  I’m pretty sure people thought we were high all the time - even though we had never seen the stuff yet in our lives.  When we showed up at the “Castle” (the very odd stucco building where the reunion took place) I’m pretty sure people were expecting a show.  But, we strolled in, the quiet adults we have become - and I am happy to say we were greeted with a horde of people who were anxiously awaiting our arrival. OUR arrival?  How bizzarre.  But, we were calm and quiet - two things no one from high school would have expected.  Katie had a two month old strapped to her belly and I had just been in a car with a six year old and a two year old - I’m sure I wasn’t bounding with the kind of energy that they were all used to.  But they missed us.  We were two out of three people there that had actually made homes out of state and it was kind of frightening to see how much people had not changed.  I am so far from that weird girl that I used to be.  Or am I?  As much as they were everything I had expected them to be, maybe I was just as predictable.  And we embraced that about each other.  Even some of the “snobby” girls.  They hugged me as if we were inseperable in ten years ago.  It’s a weird thing to realize that there is a whole group of people who know you so well because they watched you grow up.  And even though you don’t know each other at all, you still own territory in their hearts and minds.  Their faces will never leave my landscape.  That impact is really bizarre.  I thought I was completely seperate from these people but the reality is that we really helped each other become who we are today. For better or for worse.


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