Birthday.. Birthday…

by Lisa Donovan

Yesterday was my 29th Birthday.

You would think that I would have some great declaration to make… some new awakening..  Usually, my birthdays are, indeed, indicative of such self-reflective type behavior.  Not this year.  This year, I seemed to resign to the fact that, at a certain point in one’s life, it truly does just become “another day”.

My dad always said that about his birthday.  “Happy birthday daddy! How do you feel?”.  Always the same reply: “just another day”… Though, the older he got it would occassionally be replaced with “better than the alternative”.  I always thought it was a horrible way to behave on your birthday.

As I crept toward my last birthday in my 20s, I thought that there would be some life altering declaration of how I forsaw the rest of my life playing out - some big resolution of sorts.  But the day came.  It went.  There was no spiritual climax.  There wasn’t even a twinge of resentment toward my waning youth.  The only thing I felt was relief that, up to now, I had not made any really significant mistakes or blunders in my life that might put my future plans asunder.  All in all, I felt just glad that another year was under my belt - and under my belt quite successfully (or, at the least, without damage).

The truth is, I look forward to getting older.  I don’t know if this makes me lame but I feel like being older has always suited me better.  I am not, by nature, a youthful person.  I have, even since a very young age, been odd among my peers.  I have never been one to party till I dropped.  I never really found the thrill in life threatening ventures.  I just like to sit and think. I like to take naps and make hot tea on cold nights.  I enjoy long walks to stretch my legs and going to the pond to feed the geese.  I guess, the closer to 30 I get, the more relieved I feel because I finally get to be the age I feel.  I missed three phone calls last night.  They all left messages saying “Yeah, you must be out having one hell of a time!  LIVE IT UP!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY”  or other such customary tidings on one’s birthday.  Really, I was curled up in bed at 9pm, big book on my lap and my husband next to me snoring.  And it was the only place I wanted to be.  My birthday wish is for many more years of this.

Ps.  There are two jokers sitting next to me at the coffeehouse I am sitting in.  Old men.. One of them just said “do you think the Pope says ‘Holy Shit’ when he is in the vatican bathroom?”.

Yes.  To be older is to be better.

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