6 Wasted Hours of My Life…

by Lisa Donovan

2 1/2 Hours spent bouncing to (and consequentially, from) the airport - thinking I was on my way to Gainsville, Florida to visit my best friend.  I got up at 5am and headed there with Travelocity itinerary in hand.  I was feeling footloose and fancy free - even at 530am - as I drove down I40.  “Highway to the Danger Zone” even made a cameo on my radio and I couldn’t help but turn it up and marvel at the wonder that is Kenny Loggins.  I get to the airport, park in long term parking, trudge through the cold rain and make it to the counter - rosy cheeks, shining grin and ready to check my bag. Carl, my friendly Delta clerk, can’t find my name in the computer. “Oh.  I said.  Well, Carl, here’s my itinerary.  Better check again.  Thanks”.  He looks at the schedule on my paper.  He looks at the computer.  He looks at my crumpled paper again.  “Uhhh. Honey.  The reservations on your itinerary say DECEMBER 9th-11th.  It’s November”.  Fuck Travelocity, I thought.  Bastards.. How dare THEY screw up my plans!  I cursed them all that day.  After several glasses of wine with friends that night - I finally had to face the fact that in my haste to snag a good deal on the website, I adsent mindedly was punching in dates on the little calender icon in December, not November. Score one for the beast of absent minded mommyhood.  Gah.

1 hour 47 minutes spent watching The Break Up.  Can I just say, I now will live the rest of my life with a complete understanding of why Brad Pitt divorced Jennifer Aniston.  If it wasn’t for her weird oversized head on a smaller than life body frame, it was most certainly for her lack of judgement with movie scripts.  One of the worst movies I have ever seen.  I thought that Vince Vaughn could keep the whole thing together, but alas, he was misguided.  I can forgive him this once and hope that in the future, even if he is trying to get into a girl’s pants, he will refrain from making a movie so foul.

1 hour 32 minutes spent watching Nacho Libre. It had its good moments.  I love Jack Black but, all in all, it was one I could have done without.  The “Nickolodean Kids” advertisements and trailers before the movie should have clued me in to the target audience. 

I hope your weekend was a little more successful.  I did get to go to a birthday party and it was nice to hang out with the kids without having to rush out to work or run errands.  But, those 6 hours - I want ‘em back.

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