It’s here. God. It’s here.

by Lisa Donovan

The flu has arrived in full force in the Donovan house.  We are all walking zombies with plenty of unstoppable green funk flowing from our noses.  The babies are being sports. They are sucking it up and working through it. My husband, however, not so much.

I can’t quite figure it out - why do men suck at being sick?  I noticed it as a girl when my dad would get sick and act like he was being tough.  But he failed.  Miserably.  He would walk around moaning, literally, and wait for someone to ask if he needed anything.  Then, when someone (Usually me.  My mom had figured out his game I guess) would ask if he needed something, he would wimper and say “nah, I’m just fine.  Don’t mind me”.  Then, more wimpers would follow and I would follow him around doing things for him and scampering to make sure he didn’t have to lift a finger.  My husband - a little different.

He gets sick with bravado. He actually pranced in the house with zinc cough drops the other day and annouced “Well, I’m sick!”.  I rolled my eyes.  He doesn’t understand why I am so unsympathetic.  I don’t understand why it is an event to be sick.  He rolls around in his sickness like a pig in mud.  And, he expects me to roll around in it with him - not to necessarily be sick with him, per se.  No.  He just really wants someone to be around to watch him be sick. I get every little detail about what is feeling bad - right down to the color of the snot.  I don’t get it.  Men - help me out here.  Is it the whole nurture instinct that I’m supposed to be whipping out here?  Why do you guys wallow in your illness while we women tough it out and get on with the show?  Come on.  You’d think you guys would want to show how tough you are.  Instead, you become whiney little boys again.  You’re all lucky we women love you so damned much.  And that you manage to be mildly cute while your fussing up a storm about how bad you feel.  I guess there’s no changing it.  Thousands of years of evolution hasn’t managed to help men shake it - I guess me ranting about it won’t do it either.  Here’s to the flu.  Wish me luck in kicking it’s ass (in all four of us) this week. 


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