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It’s All About the Candy. And Making Mommy Proud.

Wow.  Halloween was - how should I put it - nuts. 

Maggie opted out of her ingenius chicken costume - even though picking it out was, what I believe, to be one of the best decisions I have ever made as an adult.  It had everything - it was cute, cuddly, snot-shooting-out-of-your-nose-pee-in-you-pants-just-a-little-bit hilarious.  She wouldn’t go for it.  She was happy to give us her best chicken sqwack.  But she wouldn’t put it on.  She hated the chicken suit.  We begged.  We pleaded.  She almost gave in but, alas, there was no competing with the delightful bag of goodies that one of my best friends gave me.  The bag held two very new-like Disney Princess Costumes.  She has three daughters and an excess of such costumes.  I don’t have any feminist issues with the Princesses - I just think they are kind of lame girls that don’t have a lot of personal goals.  I was never a big Disney Princess girl when I was a kid - I was more of an Olivia Newton-John/Xanadu kind of girl.  I admired Kira in The Dark Crystal and the Ice Queen in my Chronicals of Narnia books.  BUT, Maggie is now the proud owner of a Snow White costume that she just won’t take off.

I have to admit - she looks pretty damn cute in it.  She spins in circles and sings and has already figured out the coy little spaced out princess blink that they all mug when they meet their prince.  Blech.  But, she was happy for halloween.  And it was fun to watch her dance around feeling pretty.  That was more than enough to make me change my mind and give in to her choice.  I even started to go with it - I gave her my blush and blush-brush and let her sit in front of the mirror putting on so much that she looked like she had some sort of rash.  John and I decided we would keep the chicken suit for our next friend who has a baby.

Now that I have bragged about how noble and mature John and I were about our chicken disappointment, I can now rag on the awful, nasty mother that my friends and I were accidentally in leagues with during our trick or treat rounds last night.  We tried to get away from them but, we couldn’t shake ‘em.

Her daughter was dressed as a fairy.  Adorable. Adorable. Adorable.  She must have been about three?  Four?  Hard to tell with the costume.  My best guess would be a young four.  Again.  Stupifyingly adorable. 

Star Wars seemed to be the prominent theme for the evening.  There were plenty of Princess Leias and Darth Vadars to go around.  I must have passed seven Princess Leias on one block alone - and so did the wench of a lady that was stealing her daughter’s halloween joy.

Wench (First time Pricess Leia passed): “Oh, look, she actually dressed up like an interesting person!  Too bad you had to pick something lame like a fairy.  God.”

Not kidding.  I am so not kidding!

Wench (second time Princess Leia passed): “humph. There’s another little girl who made a better costume choice than you did.  Don’t you feel so boring being a silly old fairy?”

At this point me and all my friends were very loudly saying “Wow, look at all the Princess Leias!  What this Halloween needs is some FAIRIES! Wait!  Look!  There’s one!  HELL YEAH!  That’s the coolest costume I’ve seen all NIGHT!!”

Wench (to us, very rudely): “If she was your daughter, you’d be tired of all the fairy, girly stuff.  Trust me.”

Yeah.  Whatever.  John and I grabbed our Snow White, who was incidentally walking around bawking like a chicken, and crossed the road leaving the fairy with her wicked witch of a mother, praying that she would find her fairy dust and find a way to fly away.

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