Don’t Need a Weather Man to Know Which Way the Wind Blows..

by Lisa Donovan

Things change.  Plans get altered.  People change their minds.

Our Christmas plans are evolving and changing, it seems, every day.

We will still be sticking to our guns and staying home for the first time in the history of our family - rather than traipsing down to Florida which means seven hours in a car with two kids that want to listen to “Hit the Road Jack” over and over and over and over and over….  The thought of having Christmas Eve here with my husband, drinking wine and wrapping presents (you know, the presents we haven’t gotten yet), and waking up with our kids in our own beds and sitting in our house and having friends over for a Potluck dinner sounds like the closest thing to heaven I could ever imagine.

But, my son dropped a bomb on us about four days ago.  My parents have generously offered to bring them down to Disney World for the post Christmas holiday.  Along the way, my mom was going to take them to her family’s homes so that she could show off her grandkids.  She’s a good nana - so proud.  Anyway.  John and I were reveling in the idea of having four days to ourselves - in our entire marriage we have been alone for maybe a week.  Since our kids are such incredibly neat people, it is not something that bothers us.  However, being two adults alone in our home seems like a great Christmas present in itself.

So, back to the bomb that got dropped.  My son informed us that he didn’t want to go.  He didn’t like the idea of being away from us and that he really didn’t want to be stuck in a car over the holiday - even if it meant not going to Disney World.  We thought, surely, he would change his mind.  uh uh.  Never happened.  In fact, as we get closer to the holiday he gets more settled in the fact that he doesn’t want to go.

I’ll admit.  John and I were disappointed.  But really, I was utterly pleased once I really thought about it.  Our soft plans to go to New York for ice skating and tours of museums now incorporate the kids - which, to be honest, sounds like so much more fun.  As much as I would jump at the chance to be alone with my husband for a few days I have to say, I am just as happy to be able to have some down time with all of us present.  We have a good time, the four of us.  And, on a purely selfish note, now I don’t have to spend hours worrying about their travels.

Now.  Exactly how to explain this to my parents…………………….

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