by Lisa Donovan

Sigh. What a day.

We managed to keep most presents a secret (with the lack of closet space in this house, it was no small feat).. We managed to keep ourselves stress free and smiling - even through my son declaring to all his young friends (who adamently believe in Mr. Claus) over our Chirstmas eve dinner last night that “there is no Santa and, quite frankley, I don’t really believe there ever was!”….. ahem. yeah. We managed to stay within our budget. And, mainly, we managed to have a Christmas that was all our own - we didn’t allow anyone to set a schedule or pace for us. Today was, honestly, one of the nicest days ever.

It was, however, the first Christmas, since having not gone to my mothers to get spoiled, I realized that I am bonafide grown up. All the presents under the tree were put there by me - which consequentially means that, of course, there are none for me. All the food was made by me. All the presents wrapped - you guessed it - by me (and John). I dunno. As much as I relished every moment of making today super special for the kids, there was an equal amount of time realizing that my Christmases will never be the same. I will never be the one to lay in bed, eyes wide open, just waiting for the sun to rise so that I can go wake up my parents.. I will never rise and run to the tree to see how, in just one nights sleep, the vacant spots under the limbs have been filled with boxes reaching up to the ceiling and rivaling the tallest branches.. I will now be the one who knows exactly what each stocking holds.. I will now be the one to be woken, rather than the eager tiptoer tugging at the bedsheets praying it’s not to early…. I guess this first Christmas away from my own parents has left me realizing that it’s now my turn. Happily, but, none the less, still kind of achy for my own eyes to light up when I see the tree first thing Christmas morning. I guess that happens when I see their eyes light up…..


Ok.. Here’s the deal.. I’m trying to pretty it up but, really, I guess I just didn’t consider what an absolute decline in presents the whole “not going to visit my parents” would mean for me. That’s the bottom line. I mean. If I think about it, it makes sense.. I don’t know why I didn’t consider it in my pro/con list for the whole going-staying home debate.. I think I’m gonna have to reconsider and, at least, do an every other year visit.. John and I got each other what we could, but ultimately, all our money was spent on the kids. We kind of get jipped out of presents if we don’t go visit the family. Hmmm. Things to consider for next year. My pro/con list will definately look a hell of a lot different in 2007 for our Christmas plans.

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