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Should I Rent or Buy a House?

A question that many renters and home owners ask is, “should I rent or buy a home?” Luckily, the New York Times has found the answer through their new Rent or Buy Online Calculator. Their calculator let’s you enter the following information and then graphs the results.

We’ve been renting a house for almost two years now, but we’re currently in the market to buy. After running the numbers on our current rental house, the calculator determined that we were better off renting, but only for three years. So, it looks like we’re looking for a new home at the right time.


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Men & Women

Heather Havrilesky had some insightful and funny words about men and women in her “I Like to Watch” column in Salon.

Men and women are different. Thank god we’re all old enough to know that now. Thank god we no longer waste our time asking each other impossible questions, like “Why can’t we communicate soulfully, like Gwyneth Paltrow probably does with Chris Martin? Why can’t you smell that smell that I’m smelling? Where are your pants? What’s that on your face? Are you insane or just very stupid? Should I have another margarita?”

If only we knew when we were younger what we know now, that men and women come from different planets, both of them spilling over with their own distinct clich├ęs. Women can try to date touchy-feely types who fold their clothes neatly and put stuff away and meditate, men can try to date “SportsCenter”-watching, back-slapping gals who know how to “hang,” but the divide between the sexes is still too great. Women like to overanalyze, digress, split hairs, muse, contemplate, obsess. Men like to stare at pictures of ass cheeks.

Eventually we figure it out: “I already have to spend the rest of my life with me, why would I want to spend the rest of my life with another person who’s just like me? Isn’t one of me enough?” Ask any gay man: Communing with a like-minded soul mate is no walk in the park. Better to cohabitate with a complete alien whose odd habits and non sequiturs confuse and confound you, since these endless differences will distract you from your own flaws, thus freeing you up to luxuriate in the comfort of self-righteous indignation for the balance of your days on Earth. Dr. Phil be damned: Intimacy is a small price to pay for always being right!

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