Great Family Blogs

by Jennifer Chait

Here at the Family Resource blog I try to keep our readers up to date with all of the latest and greatest resources and news for families everywhere. I also know that there are many great blogs that are trying to do the same thing we do; day in and day out. Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite family minded blogs with you. A great treat if you’re looking for some new cool family reads…

Karen at Thrifty Mommy delivers pretty much what you might expect based on the name of her blog – a heaping helping of great thrift-friendly tips for the family. A perfect read for families on a tight budget.

Cranky Fitness is perfect for families who are sick of common fitness advice. The cool blogger running this site is in fact, not very cranky. She actually pretty nice to her readers (who love her by the way). This blogger reviews scientific studies and health news so you don’t have to – with a dash of good humored opinions tossed in for flavoring. Check it out you’ll love it.

The Joyfully Rejoycing blog is very cool. Covering topics from alternative education to parenting with respect. Peaceful parenting is encourage and happy kids are the result. One of the best things about this blog is it’s super collection of links – that all connect you to more peaceful parenting resources.

Now at A Boy and His Blog is a momma with some unique but always insightful and funny views. Good for mom’s who need a nice break in their busy day.

Get Green Things: According to the mama who runs this blog, “Do Green Things. It is that easy. I do it, you should too.? This green mama homeschools and tries to keep everyone up to date on green issues that can make your home and world a better place.

Confessions of a Working Mom is a gem of a blog written by “Working Mom? and has been going for ages. “Mom? is a fun blogger who blogs honest and real issues regarding family life; both it’s ups and downs.

Do you need to get your family home (or office) in order? I sure as heck could use some help. At Declutter It, blogger Julie offers helpful hints and good solid advice for keeping your home running just a bit more smoothly. Visit now and you’ll be in good shape (well, your house will) in no time.

The Barenaked Family is one of my all time favorites on the web. This family sold all their stuff and hopped in an RV to travel the country. They’re basically shouting out to families everywhere that more time should be spent as a family. Very cool family, cool site, you’ll love them.

Days Like These is an interesting blog by a neat mom to a teenager and a toddler (and you thought you had it rough) this mom keeps her humor and is spontaneous, outspoken, and fun. If anything you have to see the cute pictures she’s got posted on her blog.

Don’t worry I’ve got a blog for you crafty families too. Yarns And Musings is another good mama blog – but this mama’s got it bad – for yarn, wool, crochet thread and other crafty items. If you’re into knitting you have to visit.

Calling all family travelers! The Family Travel blog covers kid friendly travel and where to go and what to do once you get there.

Expecting? Newly a parent? The Pregnancy & Baby blog has everything you need — tips, news, cool baby clothing, pregnancy nutrition, conception, baby names and way more. If it’s about babies, parenting, or pregnancy they’ve got it. A must visit for new, experienced, and everywhere in between parents.

Last but certainly not least, Dear Myrtle, otherwise known as “your friend in genealogy? The blogs tag line, “Practical, down-to-earth advice for family historians since 1995? and this blog means business. If genealogy is your thing or you wish it were visit and learn from years of experience. Perfect for any family planning a family tree or who want to learn more about their roots.

That’s a fairly big (but cool) round-up. This should give you enough new blogs for a good long while. Unless your a blog addict like me and then you should be good for oh, say about a week.

And now that I’ve shared some great family blogs it’s your turn… Who do you like to read? Are there any blogs your family can’t live without?

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