Green Ideas for Kids!

by Jennifer Chait

images.jpgKids can make a difference for our planet as well as any adult.

Kids today, have a distinct advantage over us adults — they’re being raised in an environment and communities that are already aware of the consequences of not being green.With a little help from parents who care, kids today are going to change the world we live in for the better.

Read and discuss this list with your kids! Your kids (and you) can try these easy ideas for going green and saving the planet.

Recycle: Okay, that’s a given in most places today — but not all. In my neighborhood in Albuquerque there were barely any recycling resources. If this is the case where you live write a letter, or have your parents help you write a letter to public officials in your area. Make your voice heard. You can even draw a picture to show how you feel. Don’t know where to write try starting here.

Don’t let go: Of that cool balloon. Each time a helium balloon floats away they may end up hurting animals and fish. Helium balloons fall (eventually) back down to the earth and strong winds can blow them to our oceans. A sea animal may try to eat the balloon and that could kill the animal. Balloons can also wrap around small animals and hurt them. No matter how much fun it is to let your balloon fly — don’t. If you want to fly something fun that won’t hurt animals try building a kite with your parents.

Brush your teeth: Now, simply brushing your teeth won’t save the planet– you will have a beautiful smile though. However, you can help to save lots of water by turning off the sink faucet each and every time you brush. Also stay away from pump dispenser toothpastes; they add much more waste to our landfills than a normal tube. Some companies are even making toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes that you can recycle. Take a look at your local co-op and see what’s available.

Let someone else play with your stuff: Before throwing that old toy away see if a friend of yours might want to trade one of their toys for your old toy (always ask an adult before doing this). If no one wants your toy donate it to a thrift store or charity that gives toys to other children who may not have as many cool toys as you do.

If you want to learn more about how to save your planet visit The Environmental Kids Club. At this website you can even become an official planet protector and get free coloring books and games.

Or read this book: Good Earth Art: Environmental Art For Kids, for more ideas

Have fun and always stay green!

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