Reuse Your Way To Green.

by Julie Fletcher

Going green isn’t as hard as some families may believe. There are resources all over the internet with information on becoming greener and many of them are actually thrifty. Have you noticed yet that I am big on thrift?

Thrift and green go hand in hand. Recycling is huge in the effort to renew the items we use each and everyday while saving the resources left in and on our planet. Recycling doesn’t have to begin or end at the curb you place your recycle box on. Or at the center you drive your recyclables to. Each and every time you are about to throw away something or even before dumping it into the recycle bin, think…?Does this item have another use? Can I figure out some way to reuse this??

For example, I had some extra rings for holding nipples onto baby bottles. Instead of tossing them, I found that they are the perfect size for cutting biscuits. They’re also safe cookie cutters for young children. A cooking pot with a broken handle can be used in the oven for making bread or casseroles. Empty boxes are a child’s car, house, tunnel, or table. Ratty clothes can become cleaning rags or stuffed into a tube for blocking drafts.

I try to reuse as much as possible. If something can’t be reused, it really irks me that I purchased something that couldn’t be made into something else. It seems such a waste to not squeeze every bit of possible life from the things that had an impact on our enviroment.

I challenge you to think greener. Save your bottles, turn them in for their deposits. Save your newspapers and make fireplace logs from them, or even learn to make furniture from them!

What, furniture?

Yes, you can make solid rolls from newspapers for burning or for use like wood for building. For firelogs, begin rolling the newspapers around a broomstick and keep adding sheets until the logs are around four inches across the ends. Some people soak them in kerosene to ensure they burn all the way through.

To make strong ‘sticks’, dip sheets of newspaper into thin/runny wallpaper paste. Roll very tightly around a straight wire, a clothes hanger wire is perfect. Keep rolling these until the sticks are about two inches thick. Let dry overnight, then you can paint or drill the sticks just like wood. Use your imagination to build some lovely things from a cheap building material.

My friend and former Family Resource blogger, Jennifer Chait has some great ideas for going green as a family at her blog, Tree Hugging Family. Why not give her a visit?

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