Are All Men Pedophiles?

by Julie Fletcher

I am deeply disturbed. I read a blog post by a concerned mother over a comment another child’s father had made to her own daughter and how she felt about it. While it is natural for a mother to be protective of her children, it made me think on how society at large perceives men and their connection to children. This is not a jab or attempt to belittle the concerned mother, I won’t link to the post, but I would like to address this type of topic.

In today’s society, it is generally ok for a woman to say she loves children. For a mother to be present at school functions or even in classes, if a man states he loves children the first thought that often comes to mind is ‘Oh my gosh, he must be a pedophile’ or ‘That is so weird’. So generally, all men who love children is a pedophile in many minds. I’ve seen enough of this type of talk in forums, chats, and in person to know this is a major frame of mind.

This is very scary to mothers out there who encourage their children’s fathers to be involved in their children’s lives. A father who spends the same amount of time, if not more, with their children at school, in extra curricular activities, or allowing their children’s friends to visit suddenly is a weirdo. Why is this? There have been women who take advantage of young men or boys throughout time. But I have heard people when viewing such stories covered in the media think the women involved were punished too severely. It is like a rite of passage for a teen boy to be sexually involved with an older woman. Take a peek at any of the American Pie movie series if you don’t believe that one. Older woman + young man/boy= acceptable.

Don’t think I am advocating that older men should be allowed to touch a younger girl. Quite the opposite. Women should be given the same treatment as men who make advances on young girls. It is not fair, not at all. We should all expand our views to first look at a man as a good father for being involved in his child’s life before making assumptions based on his sex.

Sexism is stereotyping people based on their sex alone, not women, people. Men are the victims of sexism far more often than women. We assume men need to fit into a male model that has been moldeed throughout centuries, millennia even. Men are written about undesirably concerning their lack of emotions, insensitivity, hot looks, and beyond. What makes that ok?

Maybe I’ve went off on a rant here, but it irks me to no end how society at large wants everyone to be equal, which in the end means that if you are a woman, minority, or gay it is not acceptable to say anything negative without backlash. I should probably remove the minority from there, because men from all races put up with this type of sexism. Men deserve more respect for just being human. They should not have to fear assumptions being made if they care for their kids and love kids.

All of you guys out there…here’s to you. Keep being who you are, don’t let people or the media get you down. Some of us love ya however you are.

**I have decided to add a note here concerning the above post. I had already written that this is not intended to belittle the poster from the other blog. Her post caused me to think and it led down this path. Any writer or blogger who reads usually finds that their thoughts continue down the ‘what if’ path. One of the best freelance writers out there, Jenna Glatzer, spoke of finding another story within a story. This is what I have done. I have the utmost respect for my fellow bloggers and writers, I would not stoop to making insults nor ‘calling out’ someone on a blog meant for families. Making others think is why we all blog or write, so I thank J. for her original post.**

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