Exploring Coffee Alternatives

by Dawn Allcot

After discovering I was pregnant, I became determined to give up caffeine. Not only was I aware of the dangers in consuming excessive amounts (and I drank coffee in excess!), but it make me feel queasy.

After enduring two weeks of withdrawal headaches, I had broken the addiction, but not the habit. I missed the taste, smell and experience of my morning coffee, and a cup of joe in the evening after a good meal.

A Google search led me to Teeccino, a caffeine-free, herbal coffee alternative. I called for some samples, but my expectations were low.

It was another few days before I finally brewed a cup. I wanted to wait until I had the mindset where I was simply yearning for coffee. Also, I was just afraid of being disappointed. Teeccino brews up right in your coffee pot, percolator or French press, just like any ground coffee.

I brewed the Original Flavor, which, the company says, isn’t the one most like plain, regular coffee, but a unique blend roasted carob, barley, chicory roots, figs, dates, orange peel and almonds. I added a little bit of low-fat milk and two sugar packets. It tasted like high-quality gourmet coffee! The orange and almond notes were most prominent behind a rich, dark roast coffee flavor. A winner!

Next, I tried the Java blend, which the manufacturer says is made “for the coffee purist.? That describes me. I don’t like flavored coffee or anything too fancy. Java flavor is supposed to taste the most like regular, rich, dark, black coffee. It did, more or less. In the back of my mind, the thought lingered, “But it’s not coffee!? Nonetheless, it stands out as a tasty morning or after-dinner hot beverage. I actually preferred the gourmet flavorings of Original blend better than Java. The company also offers a selection of flavored blends, from mocha to hazelnut.

In a blind taste test, would either of these herbal coffees fool someone into thinking they are drinking “real? coffee? It’s hard to tell. If I was served Teeccino in a restaurant, I might simply think it’s a new brand of gourmet coffee—without the energy rush or resulting jitters.

In conclusion, if you had to give up caffeine for health reasons, or simply chose to, but still crave the flavor of a good cup of coffee, Teeccino is a tasty beverage that provides the pleasurable, indulgent experience of sipping gourmet coffee—with none of the side effects.

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