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The Best Way to Save Money is to Eat In

Get Rich Slowly brought attention to a helpful post on the Educating the Wheelers blog entitled, Lazy Person’s Guide to Eating More Meals at Home. They stated that “Cooking at home is an excellent way to save money. But if you’re accustomed to dining out for most meals, it can be a difficult transition. Fortunately, there’s plenty of help available on the web.”

The author advises that people making the transition from dining out to eating at home should:

  • Start small — Pick one day a week to make meals at home, or two, or three. Start with easy recipes.
  • Start with simple ingredients — Don’t make it complicated. Don’t be afraid to start with prepackaged foods. (One of my favorite meals has always been a can of chili. It always will be. I just bought a case of the stuff at Costco yesterday for 86-cents a can.)
  • Find a good source of recipes — Borrow some cookbooks from the library or from a friend. Find one you like. Learn to cook from it. Copy out your favorite recipes.
  • Use the Taco Bell approach — Learn to recombine a few basic ingredients into multiple tasty dishes.

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