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My bald patch covered with WHAT?

Everyone has one or two family members who are balding. If your family is genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness, maybe you have alot more. Historically men have gone to some pretty crazy lengths to conceal their thinning domes. Have a look at these few famous (and not so famous) examples:

Three men who have had problems with balding

The flamboyant Elton John opted for the tried and tested toupee. Steven Segal had a hair transplant to restore his hairline (hair was taken from the back of his head and planted at the front). But who is the last guy and what’s on his head?

Well according to the website of Australian leading hair transplant surgeon Dr Ray Woods that is a picture of “Justin?, one of the world’s first patients to undergo chest to scalp hair relocation. In a marathon procedure where Dr Woods removed and relocated each individual hair follicle one by one, Justin’s hairline was slowly reconstructed – from his chest hairs. And it grows. Quite alot actually.

Two years on it looks something like this:

Two years after chest hair transplant
Remarkable! I, for one, didn’t realize chest hair could grow that long. Which made me wonder if there were other doctors out there transplanting body hair.

I stumbled across transplant surgeon Dr Jeffrey Epstein who speaks on his website about transplants involving the “central chest or pubic triangle?. Does this strike you as odd? I can’t help but wonder: if a doctor offered to treat your baldness by to moving your chest, abdominal, or (heaven forbid) pubic hair to the top of your head would you want to go ahead with it? Would you feel okay with having your short and curlies groomed and on full display for the world? Or could you think of better things to spend the estimated $20,000 plus cost on?

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