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A Few Moving Hints of My Own….

So, since I tend to learn lessons the hard way, I figure I would share them with you all so you don’t have to endure the same misery that I am apparently a glutton for.

When you decide to move your family, even if it is only across town, do not do it in May or anywhere in the vacinity of May.  We are having to compete with college kids who for rental trucks and movers.  This is probably a more glaring problem for us because we live across the street from two of the largest colleges in Nashville.  But, it probably applies to most people in large cities.

Keep to your schedule.  Period.  If you bother to write out your week long moving schedule, stick to it.  If you waiver just one day, you will be set on a path of procrastinating destruction.

Find someone to watch your kids.  You won’t get anything done with them dangling from your leg, as mine are doing at this exact moment.

Make sure that, before they move across the country, that the people you are renting a house from have gotten all of their crappy belongings out of the house and, espcecially off the front porch.  Currently, I am having to deal with an old couch, five bags of clothes, two laundry baskets of old shoes, three bags of book and two nasty lawn chairs sitting on the front porch of the house I am about to move into.  It is disgusting and not something I need to be dealing with now.

I guess that’s it.  Just wanted to share my moving love - things are just peachy right now.  Grrrrrrrrrr……..

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