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Snow Angels!

Winter is still going strong here in the Northeastern U.S. and being from the Southeast, the snow each year is a treat. My children enjoy bundling up then making snow angels. I think that is their favorite part of playing in the snow. Last year we had a giant fort, complete with a snow slide!
I thought I would share a few pictures of my children making snow angels.

That’s Amber, she has already made 6 or 7 snowangels by the time I had snapped this!

That’s Terisa. She’s 3 and if you look at her boots, you’ll notice they’re on the wrong feet. Ah, toddlers and their ‘I can do it myself’ phase.

We came inside and had some hot chocolate after this afternoon of winter fun. What does your family do in the winter for fun? Care to share?

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“Sit Down a Spell. That Can Wait”

My husband and I were sitting on our porch the other evening, having a couple of beers with some friends after the kids had gone to bed.  From where we were sitting, we could see neighbors walking their dogs, people arguing in their backyard, kids playing in the street….  It seemed like the most interesting place to be at that moment. 

Later that night, my husband made a passing comment about how someone needs to write a book about porch sitting and it’s rich and varied history - especially in cities in the south.  Along the same lines, I found that there is (believe it or not) an actual “Professional Porch Sitters Union” in existence in Loiusville, Ky.

If there is one thing that I can, for sure, say I’m good at - it’s sitting on a porch watching people go by.  I don’t know that I qualify for the Professional Porch Sitters Union, but there might be a book idea in this somewhere……

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