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You Gotta Walk Before You Watch

The BBC News reported on a new shoe that’s supposed to get kids exercising again. What’s the carrot? TV time.

The shoe - dubbed Square-eyes - has a unique insole that records the amount of exercise a child does and converts it into television watching time.

One button on the shoe - the brainchild of a student at west London’s Brunel University - records the number of steps taken by the child over the day.

Another transmits this information to a base station connected to the TV.

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Laptops A Hot Fertility Issue

According to a new study from fertility researchers at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, laptops can make men infertile by heating up their scrotum when the computer is on their lap.

The potential risk comes from the heat generated by the laptop computer and the close position of one’s thighs when balancing the computer on one’s lap, the researchers found. This heat is transferred to the scrotum, where the temperature can rise several degrees, putting users within the danger zone for testicular dysfunction.

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Looking For A New Job? Beware Of The Googling

A recent article in the Rocky Mountains News reported that hiring managers are now using Google (and other search engines) to conduct due diligence on applicants. Things to look out for include:

  1. Having resumes online that may be different from the one you are currently giving out. For example, one candidate got in trouble, because a manager found their resume online, and it contained two jobs that were omitted on the copy that the manger was given. The hiring manager assumed that this person was fired from these two jobs, and quickly tossed their application out of the running.
  2. Having information online that may discourage managers from hiring you. Although this type of discrimination is most likely illegal, hiring managers may not hire you if they find information about you online that they don’t like. For example, if you’ve posted controversial posts on discussion groups, or have a personal blog that contains distasteful information, you may be passed on for the position.

I recommend that you do some searches on yourself to make sure there aren’t any embarrassing items online. If you do find something questionable, then you should try to alter, or remove it. Of course, some of you may not want to change anything out of principle. That’s commendable, but be prepared to not get hired.

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