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Tuesday’s Tunes: SpongeBob Squarepants

SpongeBob. You either love him or hate him. I am in the love camp because as silly as he is, SpongeBob has some great lessons built in. The little yellow guy is himself, all of the time, without regard for what other people think of him.
SpongeBob is Fun!
He loves music, too. I picked up the SpongeBob Squarepants TV Theme cd and my kids from the five year old to the one year old danced all over the place. Silly songs, fun beats and a love of all things ‘kid’, this cd is saturated with those things!

You might have dismissed SpongeBob and the music from the show as too silly for your child, but remember that children love silly things that to an adult make no sense. Take some time to let go for a minute and just enjoy the silliness.

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Tuesday’s Tunes: Kid’s Songs

The Laurie Berkner Band
My children love Laurie Berkner. I love Laurie Berkner!

The Laurie Berkner band has tunes kids will love. Crazy little songs that are perfectly aimed towards small children, many parents may be familiar with the band if their kids watch the Noggin TV network. The band members dress in colorful clothing that isn’t too bizarre and really show a great understanding of children and their thoughts.

Even a baby can enjoy this music. I know this for a fact because my 11 month old does his silly baby dance when we pop the DVD in. The simple songs have a beat that even makes this mom want to dance! They capture the imagination of children with lyrics like…?Laurie has a pig on her head, Laurie has a pig on her head, Laurie has a pig on her head and she keeps it there all day!?

What kid doesn’t want a pig on their head? For some reason, all of mine do. It must be a fashion trend in the pre-school circles.

There are some very sweet songs, too. My 5 year old loves it when I sing the Band’s ‘Moon, Moon, Moon’ song at bedtime. Just don’t plan on the kids getting right to sleep if you pop the DVD or CD in at bedtime!

If you want some great tunes for your kids, check out their site, Laurie Berkner Dot Com. Safe for all families, no hidden messages, and just music to make your child feel good.

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