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How Fat Can We Get?

human jawsThe race to get fat is on!

And, according to research released by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, most Americans are going to place in this race with a big fat blue ribbon.

The research points out that if Americans keep gaining weight at the current rate they’re gaining; in just eight years 75% of Americans will be overweight and 40% will be obese.

Raise you hand if you’d like to come in last in this race.

Our kids are affected as well. It’s not fair to train them for a contest that will kill them.

Sorry if I sound agitated, I do tend to be chipper and positive — look on the bright side.
But when my son and I go to the city park I count far more chubby kids than slim kids. More parents sitting on the bench then playing Frisbee or swinging with their children. It’s sad. Many of the people my age aren’t going to live to see their grandkids. Fat will do them in early — if they even have grandkids. Studies show that overweight individuals have a much harder time conceiving.

Right off the top of my head I can think of two revolutionary ways to stop this…

Eat better and exercise.

Cutting out soda and fruity sugary drinks will help too. As will trimming down food portion sizes and actually hanging out with our kids; setting a good example by playing with them, outside in the fresh air.

Other key points found by Johns Hopkins:

But no one is entirely off the hook. The overall fact remains that 75% of ALL Americans will likely be overweight by 2015. Imagine what this will do to the already escalating health care costs.

This is serious. I hear peppy talks by fitness trainers. I see nicely worded articles about slimming down youth. I feel all warm and fuzzy when I learn that yet another overweight pregnant woman thankfully gave birth to a healthy baby.

But honestly, I think we’ve reached the point where happy pep talks and saying “robust” when we mean “grossly overweight” has got to stop. It’s not working. Maybe knowing that we’re willfully harming our children will work. Maybe considering that there soon won’t be enough healthy people to care for the unhealthy people will work. Is death a motivator to get in shape?


If you’d like to see your children grow up healthy and happy you can visit:

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Youth Becoming Healthy

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences kids page


Why not make a choice right now that you and your children will lose this race. All you have to do to get started is click on a link above. It’s that simple.

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Romania Violates Rights of Infants and Children with Disabilities

romanian mental institutions
This story was too horrendous for me to not mention on I’m not sorry for showing this image of one of the abused children. This is a shocking story that everyone should know about. I encourage you to read the entire report, and to take some sort of action if you can.

Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI), has found children with disabilities hidden and wasting away, near death, in Romania’s adult psychiatric facilities. A report released by MDRI, Hidden Suffering: Romania’s Segregation and Abuse of Infants and Children with Disabilities, describes teenagers weighing no more than 27 pounds. Some children are tied down with bedsheets, their arms and legs twisted and left to atrophy.

Despite Romanian government claims that it has ended the placement of babies in institutions, MDRI found infants languishing in a medical facility so poorly staffed that the children never leave their cribs. Many of these children have no identity papers. Officially, they do not exist.

These shocking revelations come at a time when Romania, in its effort to join the European Union (EU), is under pressure to reduce the number of children in institutions. Romanian officials admitted to MDRI that they had no idea how many children with disabilities are in adult facilities.

“We call on the government of Romania and the EU to put a stop to these abuses,” said Eric Rosenthal, Executive Director of MDRI. “These are Romania’s most vulnerable citizens. The inhumane and degrading treatment that they are forced to endure is intolerable and violates international human rights law.”

Read the Full Report (PDF)

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Couple Starves And Neglects Children To Play Video Games

A UK couple were just sentenced for grossly neglecting their 4 children, because of their addiction to online gambling and video games. The local authorities described the abuse as the worst neglect they’ve ever seen. The children were literally left to fend for themselves, and were lacking food, clothes, and hygiene care.

The eldest child, who was left to look after the other children, couldn’t eat because her teeth were so rotten from only eating sugar. Soon after being discovered, she had to have all of her teeth removed.

The children were lacking food, bedding and nappies, and the youngest child’s nappy was heavily soiled. One of the children was asleep on a bare, dirty mattress. Two of the other children were “wandering about barely dressed and dirty”, while the third was wearing pyjamas “black with dirt”.

The kitchen floor was covered in rubbish and, on closer inspection, was found to be “caked with grime, grease and foodstuffs”.

If you’re a parent, like I am, this story seems too awful and unbelievable to be true. You can read the full story at

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