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Softball??? But, what shall I wear?

Wow. Somehow I have been convinced to play on a softball team.. For anybody that has met me, you know how laughable this is. Next to Woody Allen, I am the least athletic person in the Universe. I run like a girl. I throw like a girl. I definately swing a bat like a girl. When asked to play on this team (it is girls against boys in the cafe I work at) the first thing I thought, however embarassing it is to admit it, was “what the hell do I wear to something like this?”. Sign #1 that I have no business in or around a baseball field. Somehow, as I gave it time, I became allured by the idea of playing a game. I don’t play enough games, I thought. Comraderie is a good thing. Team sports can build personality. Right? Up until this point in my life, I have been a pretty bookish individual. It is time for me to shake things up. I guess.

So, yesterday was my first practice. Since we are in the middle of moving it was a welcomed reprieve and I was glad to get outside for some play time. We started by throwing the ball back and forth. I was a pretty good throw, I must say. Then it was time to practice batting. Little mental image for you: You remember Olive Oil from Popeye? Yup. Picture her swinging a bat. I was all elbows and knees. I did manage to hit the ball. Once.

All in all, though, I had fun. I got to spend some time getting to know my coworkers (all stellar softball players, to make my inabilities that much more gleaming) better and I did something I had never done before. It’s good stuff.

We have a game next Monday - if you’re in the Nashville area and are up for a good laugh, come by and see me try to hit a softball.

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Year of the Soccer Mom

This weekend, I crossed a threshold that I wasn’t sure I would ever be crossing. I am now a partaker in the weekend, rush-hour life of youth sports. My son had his first soccer meeting this past Saturday. The only thing that eased the fright of the loud chaotic room of kids running amok was the absolute look of eagerness and exuberance on my son’s face. The parents were a mixed group: half who looked liked this overkill of kid-crazy (imagine a Chuck E. Cheese playroom on speed) was something they had gotten accustomed to after several years and then there were the ones that looked more terrified of this strange universe than if they were being charged at by a mad, flame snorting bull . I would fall under the latter category, in case you weren’t sure. I sort of just backed myself up against the wall, wide eyed, and watched and listened and smiled and nodded a lot.

I like to think of myself as a good parent. I pay attention and listen. I read stories and am an active participant in my kids’ interests. I balance it with my life, making sure not to exclude my wants and needs. I feel I have found an equilibrium. However, and I am not sure if this is a shortcoming yet, I can’t get into the “spirit? of the active-child lifestyle. I like that we sit around and read books and eat home-made cinnamon rolls on Saturday mornings – followed by a leisurely walk after our nap. I like that we have time spent sitting around parks and libraries, telling stories and making up games. Not to make it all about me but, I am not quite ready to let that go. But I think I have to. Seeing the look on my little boy’s face this past Saturday makes me realize that he is ready to be a bigger part of the world. He is ready to get out there and make a mark – and in order to do that, he musn’t be exclusively sitting about eating cinnamon rolls and taking leisurely walks with his parents. His excitement is, really, all I need to get over the fact that in order for him to find his way that he has to break away from our cozy family time. And him realizing his independence and finding his passions in this world is, ultimately, the highest form of gratification for me. We’ll sneak the cinnamon rolls in later.

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