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A Little Pregnant - One Woman’s Public Struggle With Infertility

Julie is in her thirties, and lives in a small town in New England. Julie has fertility problems, which have included several IUIs and four rounds of IVF, which ended in an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, a negative, and a current pregnancy respectively.

When Julie started to try to get pregnant, she started a personal journal. As the days wore on, it became clear to her that she wasn’t going to have an easy time conceiving. She spent a lot of time scouring the Internet to learn more about what was happening to her, but she wasn’t always able to find the kind of information that would have helped her.

This led her to continue her journal in a more public way. She offered insights into procedures, and also expressed the emotional turmoil that accompanies them. She didn’t know how popular her website was going to be. All she knew was that she wanted her experience to be public, and that it would hopefully help others who might be going through the same thing. As it turned out, there were a lot of people who were going through the same thing, and she began to gather a large community of women that began to follow and discuss their experiences on her website.

Her blog chronicles much of her struggle with infertility. She allows comments on her website, which allows visitors to respond and communicate with Julie and the other visitors. You can visit her blog at

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New Study Suggests No Link Between Stress And IVF Success

WebMD is reporting on a new study from Sweden that suggests stress doesn’t play a role in the success or failure of conceiving through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Researchers assessed stress levels among women undergoing their first in vitro fertilization treatment and found similar pregnancy rates in women reporting high levels of anxiety and depression and women who did not…

…Of the 139 women who had embryos available for transfer, 58 became pregnant and 81 did not. The researchers show there was no difference in the emotional status during treatment in women who became pregnant and those who didn’t.

Although the research may give hope to those going through IVF treatment, the President of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) had this to say:

“Some of the studies are reassuring while others suggest that stress may be detrimental to IVF success rate…One of the problems is that it is difficult to measure the impact of stress with the tools we have.”

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Disparities Exist In Access To Infertility Treatment

Pregnancy & Baby is reporting on the disparities that exist in access to infertility treatment.

“Our study found the vast majority of patients seeking IVF treatment were Caucasian, highly educated and wealthy compared to the general population,” said Dr. Tarun Jain, University of Illinois at Chicago assistant professor of reproductive endocrinology and infertility…

…The researchers found that among the 561 respondents, nearly half of the patients had advanced degrees and more than 60 percent had an annual household income over $100,000. None of patients had less than a high school diploma.

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FDA Launches iPLEDGE Campaign To Prevent Pregnant Women From Using Isotretinoin (Accutane)

Isotretinoin treats a type of severe acne called nodular acne.It is used after other treatments, including antibiotics, have nothelped. It comes in a capsule you take by mouth. Treatmentusually lasts 4 to 5 months.

There is a very high chance of birth defects if an unborn baby’s mother takes isotretinoin. The goal of the iPLEDGE programis to prevent pregnancies in females taking isotretinoin andto prevent pregnant females from taking isotretinoin. TheiPLEDGE program requires birth control for female patients who canget pregnant for at least 1 month before, during, and 1 month afterstopping treatment and pregnancy tests before, during and aftertreatment.

Visit the iPLEDGE website for more information.

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Fetal Positions In The Final Days Of Pregnancy

The has an excellent new visual guide to fetal positions in the final days of pregnancy. The visual tour offers images of the most common ways babies position themselves before birth. Each image is accompanied with a brief description of how and why the baby positions itself in the manner that it does. They also include a few positions that often lead to Caesarean delivery. This is very interesting information — especially if you’re expecting soon.

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Fertility LifeLines Offers Free Fertility Planning Guide

When my wife and I experienced infertility while trying to conceive our first child, we didn’t know what to expect. The only thing we knew was that we couldn’t get pregnant. It would have been very helpful if we had had some sort of guide that could have shown us a realistic view of what our infertility treatment would have looked like.

Fortunately, Fertility LifeLines now provides a free guide, called My Fertility Planning Guide. The guide helps couples become aware of, and plan for the following:

Not only is the guide helpful for planning possible treatments, it also provides talking points for couples regarding financial and emotional considerations. It puts everything out in the open, and encourages couples to discuss and decide the fertility path they want to follow.

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Fertility Expert Doubts Link Between Chlamydia And Infertility

“I think the evidence that chlamydia affects fertility is very dubious,” Lord Winston said. I haven’t seen any figures that demonstrate that it is causing infertility.”

Lord Winston said the link between chlamydia and damage to the fallopian tubes was based on two papers written in Sweden in the 1960s, and it had never been checked.

But experts said the link between untreated chlamydia and infertility did exist.

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Use Of Folic Acid Increases Birth Rate

As reported in the British Journal of Nutrition, the research team discovered a strong link between low levels of folic acid in the women’s blood and a correspondingly low birth weight in their newborn. It was noted that for each increasing unit of folic acid accounted for in the blood samples, the child’s birth weight also increased by 14%.

Smoking has been known to inhibit the developing fetus for some time now. The Newcastle study has shown a strong link between women smokers and low folate levels. Researchers presume smoking inhibits the body’s ability to metabolize the vitamin completely, thus leading to a potentially underweight baby.

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Treating Depression During Pregnancy

Depression affects up to 15% of women during and shortly after pregnancy. Dr Janet Atsumi Martin, from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles, stated that the impact of depression during pregnancy includes:

Unfortunately, Dr. Martin also pointed out that there are also dangers of treating depression during pregnancy. For mothers who must get chemical treatment during pregnancy, she suggested the following.

“Start low and go slow with these medications by using a minimal effective dose because they have effects on the mother (example, potential side effects of increased anxiety, nausea and insomnia) and also effects on pre-term labor (that is, increased pre-term labor).”

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Smoking + Pregnancy = Anti-Social Child

A new study suggests that mothers who smoke while pregnant increase the risk of anti-social behavior in their children.

In a study of 1,896 twins it was found that the average symptom scores for both increased with the number of cigarettes the mother had smoked while pregnant.

The researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry say the findings do not mean unruly behaviour and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were linked, although ADHD is known to increase the risk of anti-social behaviour.

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