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Infertility News: Leptin, Stress, Rogue Chemicals and a Sperm Magnet

Recently there’s been a lot of interesting reports about infertility. Here’s a sample of some of them.

WISTV reports on Leptin and Infertility. Full Story reports on a new study that links stress to miscarriage. Full Story

The Irish Examiner reports on how everyday chemicals are causing infertility, cancer and birth defects. Full Story

New Scientist reports on a new sperm magnet to help infertile men. Full Story

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Infertility Depresses Men Too

BloggingBaby reports:

A study in Ireland concluded that men having difficulty conceiving children are just as likely to be depressed as women having difficulty.  Clinically significant levels of depression were found in almost 10% of men whose sperm defects were the cause of infertility and more than a third of the men studied suffered from anxiety.

Full Story @ Times Online

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Depression Not Uncommon During Pregnancy

The PakTribune reports:

The results of a review of studies involving more than 19,000 patients suggest that rates of depression during pregnancy are high. This might be especially true during the second and third trimesters.

Full Story

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Laptops A Hot Fertility Issue

According to a new study from fertility researchers at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, laptops can make men infertile by heating up their scrotum when the computer is on their lap.

The potential risk comes from the heat generated by the laptop computer and the close position of one’s thighs when balancing the computer on one’s lap, the researchers found. This heat is transferred to the scrotum, where the temperature can rise several degrees, putting users within the danger zone for testicular dysfunction.

Full Story @

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American Pregnancy Association Launches Online Resource

Reproductive Issues Spur New Resources

LAS COLINAS, TX — (MARKET WIRE) — 11/30/2004 — The American Pregnancy Association (APA) announced today the launch of the new and expanded website ( which serves as the credible and confidential on-line resource for the more than 42 million Americans with reproductive and pregnancy related concerns.

The new website reflects the APA’s additional services, information and resources, which include counseling on infertility, paternity issues, pregnancy wellness, adoption, pregnancy loss and birth defects among others. Some of the new content was prompted by the APA’s recent evaluation of the information that was most sought out by the roughly 175,000 people that contact the association’s toll-free support line.

New resources include an ovulation calendar and calculator which allows women to gauge their ‘fertility window.’ The new tool works similarly to the frequently used APA pregnancy calculator, which allows pregnant women to gauge their date of conception and expected due date.

Discussion forums are also new to the website which allow women or families post questions or chat with other women who face similar issues. Additionally, email dialogue with reproductive educators is available to consumers who wish to get initial information regarding reproductive health and pregnancy issues.

“There are so many types of reproductive and wellness issues for women and families that it can seem overwhelming, the website is an excellent compliment to the toll-free support line,” said American Pregnancy Association President Brad Imler, Ph.D. “Consumers are generally relieved the minute they speak to our educators to know they have found a confidential and free resource to help answer a myriad of important questions.”

A product of consumer need, the APA is a national health organization that began as America’s Pregnancy Helpline in 1995. The agency provides reproductive and women’s wellness resources for thousands of women and families through education, research, advocacy and community awareness. Nineteen of the nation’s top obstetricians and gynecologists make up the APA Medical Advisory Board, which directs educational content for the association.

For more information:

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Being Overweight ‘Can Damage Fertility’ reports:

Beer bellies may take a toll on men below the belt, not just around it. Men who weigh too much are more likely to have poor sperm quality, research on nearly 1,600 young Danish men has found. Being too thin is a problem, too.

Women don’t get off the hook. Though it’s long been known that very overweight women have trouble conceiving naturally, a large new study confirms they also are less likely to become pregnant even when embryos are fertilized in lab dishes and placed in their wombs.

Full Story

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Have A Pet Plan For Pregnancy Or Illness

Amy Eller in The Herald-Sun reports:

You should have plans for pet care in case you become ill unexpectedly. Daily routines with your pets can become struggles if you are not up to your physical best. Walking the dog, trips to the vet or groomer, and changing the litter box are all things we take advantage of when we are well. If you suddenly become ill and cannot do these things, who will help you out? It is important to discuss this possibility with friends, family and neighbors.

Full Story

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‘Fat’ hormone restores fertility

BBC News reports:

Injections of a hormone made by fat cells can jump-start an idling reproductive system, research shows.

Full Story

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Positive Midlife Pregnancy

Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE in Pregnancy reports:

Prior to doing any research women were told they had very grim prospects of getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy child. Science has now shown us that this is not necessarily true. Here are some areas of concern for midlife moms…

Full Story

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Lower Teen Pregnancy Due to Less Sex, More Condoms

Reuters reports:

Teen pregnancy rates dropped considerably in the 1990s, largely as a result of fewer teens having sex and better use of contraception, researchers announced Thursday.

Full Story

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