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Kindle Some Passion.

Holding It Together

With the overextended schedule many couples have these days, is it any wonder that no one has time for sex? Shuttling the kids to school, after school activities, working differing schedules, all of this leaves little to no time for couples to be as intimate as they were dating. Sex is the first thing to go, it seems, when everyone is tired. And sex is the superglue of marriages; when the intimacy deteriorates, everything else will as well.

You may feel too tired to put any effort into reviving a seemingly lifeless love life. But the end result will surprise you. A little extra effort on the part of one partner can go a long way. Instead of the functional goodbye kiss, why not slip a little passion into it? Surprise your partner by letting them know you really /will/ miss them. A sexy wink afterwards can only ignite wonder and a reciprocating spark.

Sneak a sexy note into their briefcase or lunch. If this is a bad idea, in case of it falling out in front of a boss, then write a sexy email and send it to your partner’s personal inbox. If they enjoy television after all the kids are in bed, grab a snack and cuddle up to them. Feed your partner little bites of the snack, because food, like sex, is a basic need and can be very sensual.

If you live in an area where you can sit and watch the heavens, try it. Spending time with your loved one under the stars can help you connect. You can find a lovely photo of a meteor and a link to information about the Persids, here. A meteor shower is something wonderful to share together. How many wishes can you both make?

You will find that if you take just a little time to do these little things, your own passion will grow.

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Love is a Many Freakish Thing

My brother finds himself in love.  It’s weird, once you’ve been there yourself, to see someone you know so well sucumb to the utterly miserable beauty that falling in love is.  I can remember it so clearly - the days of wondering if the feeling is mutual, everyone playing it cool so as not to scare the other off with the fact that- if you could have it your way - you would be on the phone or face to face 24hours a day with that person, or the feeling that you don’t need to eat or drink or sleep - you only need to be with that other person to be satiated.  God, I am so glad I am not there anymore. It almost feels like a sickness - but one that leads to, possibly, the greatest experience of your life.  

When I met my husband I was skeptical of all things good.  Granted, I had my reasons, but still I was pretty much in denial that anything good could come from being around a boy for any extended length of time.  We were such good friends to begin with that the fact that I was hopelessly in love with him totally crept up on me.  I can remember waking up one day, and almost as clearly as realizing that I had to go pee, I realized that I never wanted to spend a day apart from him for the rest of my life.  Then, the normal panic ensued and I began to act like I didn’t care - weird defense mechanisms we have, huh?  He was feeling it too but neither one wanted to anti up.  Thank god we came to our senses and stopped the madness.  We were married a year later and, now, we just ache when we see anyone we know trying to break down those barriers.  It’s hard, I think, for us to admit that we need someone sometimes.  It’s even harder to allow yourself to potentially be rejected.  So I’ll just sit and wait and watch and be as loving and supportive to my brother as I can.  It sure ain’t gonna be pretty to watch, but hopefully the outcome will be everything he has dreamed it could be.

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Don’t Date Him Girl

DontDateHimGirl.comThere’s an amusing (yet useful) website called The website is designed to help women stay away from man-scum. They have a Find A Cheater search engine that will give detailed reports on infamous male cheaters. Included with each search result is a fine description of why the cheater should never date a girl again. Many of the descriptions also include picture of the notorious cheating bastard.

There’s plenty to get and do at other than finding a cheater. You can also buy fancy clothes, read featured articles for dating tips, and keep track of what’s current via their blog.

Thanks to Brittney at Nashvile Is Talking for the heads up!

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Looking For A Date Often Involves Familiar Faces

New research from the University of Liverpool suggests that when people look for a potential partner, they’re usually drawn towards people who have familiar looking faces.

The research team found that people find familiar faces more attractive than unfamiliar ones. They also found that the human brain holds separate images of both male and female faces and reacts to them differently depending on how familiar it is with their facial features.

The research team plans further research to determine why the brain makes a link between familiarity and attractiveness. They currently believe that certain familiar facial features send a message of safety and approachability - both of which are desirable traits.

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