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Feeding the Whole Family

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Cynthia Lair graduated as a Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor from the 
Health and Nutrition Program (NYC) in 1987. While in New York she maintained 
a private practice as a nutritional counselor and taught the “Healthy Child 
Series” at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School. Since moving to Seattle, she 
has been teaching whole foods cooking classes at the Puget Consumer’s Coop, 
the Herbfarm, Sur La Table, Evergreen Hospital, and many other places. Her 
articles have been featured in Mothering Magazine, Delicious! Magazine, Free 
Spirit and the Well-Being Journal. A member of the Nutrition faculty at 
Bastyr University, School of Natural Medicine since 1994, she also packs 
lunchboxes, prepares dinners, feeds the dog, and cheers at her daughter's 
soccer games. The revised edition of her popular cookbook, Feeding the Whole 
Family was released in January 1998 (Moon Smile Press) and is in it's third 


B.A. in Speech from Wichita State University, magna cum laude/Certified 
Health and Nutrition Counselor from the Health and Nutrition Program, 
NYC;graduated with honors


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