Dale Wisely, Ph.D.

Dale Wisely,Ph.D.,M.T.S. makes a living as a Clinical Psychologist specializing in pediatric psychology, psychotherapy with children and teenagers, and parent counseling.   Dr. Wisely practices in the group Child & Adolescent Associates, P.C. in Birmingham, Alabama. He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Dr. Wisely was educated in public schools in Arkansas, at the University of Central Arkansas, the University of Memphis and the West Virginia University School of Medicine. In 1998 he earned a Master's degree in Theological Studies from Spring Hill College. Dr. Wisely speaks widely in Alabama, to public and professional audiences, on issues of childhood, adolescence, and family psychology. He is a frequent speaker in adult education programs in the Catholic Diocese of Birmingham, Mountain Brook City Schools, the Cathedral Church of the Advent, and other forums. Dr. Wisely was the 1995 recipient of the Alabama Psychological Association's Outstanding Contributions to Professional Psychology award.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Catholic Social Services for the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama. He is a former President of the Board of Directors of the Crisis Center of Birmingham and recently began another term on that Board.   He lives in Birmingham with Marilyn Wisely and their three daughters. He  maintains a public service web site called "Parenting the Teenage Driver." He also founded Chiff & Fipple: The Internet community for tinwhistle players.  He writes poems and has poems published in America (The National Jesuit weekly), Birmingham Poetry Review, WordWrights, The National Catholic Reporter and The Deadmule School of Southern Literature. 

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