Patricia Gatto and John De Angelis

Patricia Gatto, together with her husband, John De Angelis are the authors of "Milton's Dilemma," a 32-page children's book. Richly illustrated by Kenneth Vincent, this is the tale of a lonely boy and his struggles with the school bullies. With the help of a mischievous gnome, young Milton embarks on a magical journey to friendship and self-acceptance as he answers the question, "Wouldn't it be great to get even?" with an emphatic "no", not even in his dreams.

Milton's Dilemma addresses the issues in an entertaining, yet thorough and provoking manner. The authors present their story at schools, libraries, and community events in an effort to help children identify and cope with the negative and aggressive behavior of bullying. Their goal is to foster awareness and provide children with an understanding of their rights to a safe and healthy learning environment.

Inspired by John's personal childhood experience, this husband and wife writing team share their message with an animated and entertaining reading from their book, original songs, and practical advice. In addition, the program provides a platform for educators to build and enforce anti-bullying policies throughout the year as they encourage children to come forward and report incidents of bullying.

Patti and Johnny recently relocated to Pennsylvania with their son, Alexander. The beautiful serenity of Lake Wallenpaupack provides a perfect creative backdrop to pursue their careers as screenwriters, authors of children's books, and presenters. Their personal goals include using film and printed media as a means to present a positive, educational, non-violent format for families and especially children.

Articles by Patricia Gatto and John De Angelis