Rita Y. Toews

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, with my husband and of course my cat. It seems most writers have a cat.

I think I was born reading. By the time I was in grade four the librarian had me reading books and doing book reports so she could classify the books for the higher grades.

I started writing my first book when I was 23 and actually got the first chapter written. For some reason I thought that if you had a good idea for a book, then sat down and started writing it, the story would just flow out. Boy, did I get a surprise!

When I was 49 I decided that if I had an ambition to write, then I better get serious about it. While taking a writing class with the University of Winnipeg I was asked if I wanted to help an older gentleman with his memoirs. That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with Hungarian author, Alex Domokos. To date we have collaborated on several books together. He jokes that he gives me the bones and I supply the flesh and blood. You will find our joint website at domokos.com.

Together we have written several published ebooks, including "The Price of Freedom", "Masquerade" and "Prometheus". We have also collaberated on a collection of Christian short stories entitled "Ten Chocolates From the Box". "The Price of Freedom" is available as an audio book. We also have a book in print! "Body Traffic", an RCMP mystery story set in Winnipeg is available at all bookstores.

As a sole author I have written two wonderful children's ebooks entitled "Kelly's Baby Brother" and "Christmas Stars", as well as two books on bullying — "The Bully" and "Why Me?" "Christmas Stars" was named one of the best e-books for 2002! My children's website is located at: Children's E-books.

My short stories have been published in "Western Producer", "A Cup of Comfort for Christmas", "Winnipeg Parent", "Zygote" and "Mysterical-e", "Columbia" and "Green Prints".

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