Car Insurance – Do You Really Need It?


It is a hard learned fact that things these days are not the way they used to be. Gone are the times when you could hop in your hot rod, turn the ignition, and be off on the open road.

Modern people have a lot more to think about. Buckle up, get your smog checked, makes sure your lights and signals are all working: today there are a lot more things to consider when driving a car-much more than in the past.

But that does not mean that we should ignore the way things are today. Many people say, "I've never had an accident, why should I pay for car insurance?" What they do not know may surprise them.

In fact, 90% of all accidents happen within ten miles of your home. That means that you are the least safe when you feel the most. The next time that the light turns green, you could be face to face with an accident waiting to happen, even right in front of your home.

Car insurance will provide you with the means to survive financially after an accident. You certainly would not want to pay for the damage to your car, and possibly the other person's, out of your own pocket. Indeed, car insurance may be the only thing stopping you from going into debt after car collision.

Not to mention that fact that driving without car insurance in the United States is punishable by as little as a fine and as much as a prison term. You may even find yourself without a license, if you cannot prove that you had insurance on your car when you were pulled over.

From the cute little gecko to the caring hands, many companies want to be the providers for your car insurance needs. But it is important to take a long look at all that they offer. In fact, sometimes the cheapest company may be a bad deal, when they refuse to pay out for damage that should be covered under your contract.

Many consumer groups review different insurance companies, and you can often get free price comparisons, both online and over the telephone. Beginning your search here, with the right information could save you a ton of hassle, and put you out on the open road once again.

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