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What Is A Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC)?

People open a Home Equity Line of Credit for many reasons. Some households are interested in remodeling, or adding on to their home. Other households open a Home Equity Line of Credit, because they want a financial safety-net. While others open a HELOC, because they need quick access to liquid assets.

Credit Card Minimum Payments

Most credit card companies require a minimum monthly payment of 2%. That’s what they feel earns them the most money. Remember that their goal is to keep you in debt for your entire life.

The New Bankruptcy Law

The credit card, created as a shopping convenience, has mutated into a device in which its use—and misuse—is epidemic. Consumer borrowing, once held in check by realistic limits, is today a national scourge. Understandably, when citizens find themselves extended beyond their limits, they seek a way out. The bankruptcy court is often the answer, with 1.56 million Americans filing in 2004, double that of a decade earlier.

Credit For Buying Real Estate Not The Same As Credit For Buying Cars

Qualifying for a real estate purchase requires different credit than automobile financing or retail credit. You may be shocked at some of these tips because this information runs contrary to what other so-called experts tell you.

Dangerous Debt Consolidation Loans

Now that the frenzy of refinancing has tapered off, many mortgage lenders have turned to alternate methods of marketing their services…

Cash Loans…The Good, The Bad, And The Debt-Free

Happiness is what they’re selling. Relief from the crushing weight of that gigantic rock we’re all forced to carry called ‘financial burden.’ It’s heavy and cumbersome, and the very thought of unloading it for a short time is so tempting, that some of us find it easy to throw caution to the wind and apply for the quick cash loans these small payday advance lenders offer.

Inherited Debts?

Typically a will controls financial affairs after a person’s death. A will distributes assets, not debts. But, before any money can be distributed to heirs, all the debts must be paid. So enough assets are sold to pay for any debts that remain. Only after the debts are paid will the remaining assets be distributed among the beneficiaries of the will.

Credit Card Surprise

The Truth In Lending act only requires that card issuers give you 15 days notice if they’re going to change the rate on a ‘fixed-rate’ account. Some states have laws that require a longer notice. But you’re still vulnerable to rate changes. A more accurate title would be that they’re an ‘almost fixed-rate account’.

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