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Canceling a Credit Card

What exactly happens when you close an account? Is it a strike on your credit history to cancel a credit card? Is the only benefit of canceling a card the certainty of not using it?

Correcting Your Credit Report

Jody has come across a problem that we all face. Mistakes happen. In our modern world they seem to happen almost daily. And while we understand that everything can’t be error free, some things are more critical than others. Errors in your credit report can be very serious.

Behind In Credit Card Bills

It is common nowadays for people who use credit cards to get behind in their payments. Find out how to reduce your debt, and get creditors off your back.

Finding the Best Credit Card

What is the best deal to look for in a credit card? I do not know how companies compute charges. I know there are things you need to avoid. They can use tricks and I want to be wise as I can be when selecting a card. I am one that cannot pay the balance off so I play the game of switching to a card with the lowest interest rate.

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