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Home Construction Loans

You’ve found the perfect piece of land for your dream home. Now, you’ve got to find a way to get your plans off the ground. Because of the risks involved in letting a builder finance home construction, many financial planners recommend taking out a special home construction loan.

Mortgages After Bankruptcy: Easier Than You’d Expect

Many American consumers fear that they won’t be able to get a good mortgage if they claim bankruptcy. In fact, more lenders than ever will work with homeowners who have fallen on hard times and want to rebuild their credit.

Real Estate: Financial Considerations

Raw land as opposed to improved property is much more difficult to finance through traditional lenders. The main reasons are that it generates very little income, development costs can be expensive, there are no buildings or improvements that can be used as collateral, and it is often considered speculative.

10 Things You Should Do Prior To Applying For A Mortgage

Luckily for consumers, it’s easier now than ever before to buy a home. But even though lenders are more willing to take risks on you, you still have to be prepared for the big event.

Refinancing And Your Credit Score

FICO scores range from 400 to 900. About 700 is considered average. The exact formula used is a FICO secret. But they do provide an idea of what things go into the formula and how much weight each category is given.

Remodeling An Attic

The first thing that Tanya will want to do is to contact her local zoning and building inspector. In many cases, they’ll have booklets available for the homeowner considering remodeling or addition. She’ll want to find out what permits will be needed. They’ll also tell her what type of drawings will be required to get the permits.

Check Your Credit Before Shopping For That Home Loan

Too many consumers get frustrated when a ding on their credit score delays the process of closing on a mortgage or completing a home equity loan. Before you start shopping for financing, understand these four important tips.

Keep An Eye On Your Mortgage Payments

Recent changes in accounting practices at banks could have a chilling effect on some mortgage holders, especially those that use payment coupon books to keep track of their loans.

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