6 Simple Ways To Save Money On Gas

By: Lois Center-Shabazz

Since the price of gas has risen to phenomenal highs, our local news has reported several cases of "pump and drive theft". Perhaps these thefts could have been averted if the individuals understood gas savings in the first place. Saving money on gas will also help the environment.

The following list could significantly save you money on your gas bill in the future.

  1. Using Your Air Conditioner

    Air conditioners require a significant amount of gas. Park your car in the shade to keep it cool, and use a sun shield if you have to park in the sun. Roll down the window, and enjoy the fresh air when you drive.

  2. At The Gas Pump

    At the gas pump don't use premium fuel unless you have too. When you are pumping your gas don't top it off, gas can be wasted in fumes and by dripping outside your tank.

  3. A Heavy Car

    The heavier your car, the more gas it takes to pull it. Remove heavy loads from your trunk and car as soon as they are no longer needed. Pulling a trailer will also increase your gas bill.

  4. The Way You Drive

    If you drive at the speed limit you will use less gas. Stop and go traffic and heavy brake action takes more gas, so limit the brake action, look for roads with less stop and go traffic. Use your cruise control when you are on the highway. Brake gently when possible, and try to avoid fast starts. Keep up with your local traffic report online to avoid heavy traffic.

  5. The Number of Trips

    It takes more gas to warm up a cold car than a warm car. Try to make all of your trips together. On days that you have a high volume of errands to run, map out your route so you can travel in one direction and subsequently don't waste gas back-tracking.

  6. Tires and Tune-up

    A well-maintained car runs efficiently and saves gas. Your tires should be properly inflated and rotated on a regular bases. Your car should have regularly scheduled tune-ups. Monitor your fuel levels and change air and fuel filters as needed. If you hear unusual noises, black smoke, or the car seems out of balance, have these areas checked out immediately by a qualified auto mechanic.

Lois Center-Shabazz is the author of the award-winning book, Let's Get Financial Savvy!, and the editor of http://www.msfinancialsavvy.com/.

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