Everyday Ways To Save

By: Cyndi Roberts

Small things do add up. Sometimes we get caught up thinking of ways to save big bucks and forget about the small ways.

Here are some things to do (or not do!) all the time to save money.

Never buy lottery tickets. Wouldn't you rather save those few dollars a week toward something a lot more "reliably rewarding"?

Pay bills on time. It makes no sense to waste money on late fees.

Bake from scratch. Home-baked bread and snacks and desserts taste so much better than "store-bought". And it saves on the grocery bill every week.

Have a garden and freeze or can a lot of the surplus produce. If you have too much to use it all, it's always nice to share with friends and neighbors who don't have time to garden.

Use the least amount possible of items like shampoo, laundry soap, dishwashing detergent. Experiment until you find the lowest amount that produces the level of performance you prefer.

Shop at Dollar Stores. Some of the things you can buy there are: greeting cards in bulk; generic allergy medication; ibuprofen; stationery; washcloths; batteries.

Shop sales on groceries and other items, also. Buy clothes, shoes, etc. when it's clearance time. And use coupons whenever possible.

Always obey traffic laws. It's much easier and much less stressful to just drive the speed limit than to pay a ticket. Plus, it's the right thing to do!

Don't throw food away. Leftovers can go into the freezer to use another day or into lunches.

Don't use the clothes dryer if you can hang laundry to dry. Heat- generating appliances are electricity "guzzlers". Plus, air drying is kinder to most items of clothing.

Instead of an expensive haircut, learn to cut your children's hair yourself. If you have more than one child, this can be a real savings. It may not turn out perfect the first time, but just take it slow, cutting a little at a time.

"Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship."

-Benjamin Franklin

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