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Everyday Ways To Save

Small things do add up. Sometimes we get caught up thinking of ways to save big bucks and forget about the small ways.

6 Simple Ways To Save Money On Gas

Since the price of gas has risen to phenomenal highs, our local news has reported several cases of “pump and drive theft”. Perhaps these thefts could have been averted if the individuals understood gas savings in the first place. Saving money on gas will also help the environment.

Signs Of Wealth

Everyone from songwriters to psychics to traffic engineers will tell you that it’s important to ‘read the signs’. And they’re right. Take driving for instance. Traveling without signs would be difficult and dangerous.

Living Beyond Your “Mean”

We’ve all heard the phrase “Living beyond your means”. It describes someone who is living beyond their financial resources. Interestingly, there are other definitions of the word “mean”. One in particular can also be used here; the mathematical definition. This definition defines “The average value of a set of numbers”. It’s a statistical term. The “mean” or the “average”.

Thirteen Easy Ways To Reduce Your Food Budget

When trying to cut expenses, food is a great place to start because there are so many opportunities to save. One way to watch your savings pile up and be able to use it for a goal, such as a vacation, down payment on a home or paying off debt, is to put the cash you saved from any purchase into an envelope or a jar until you get enough to make a bank savings deposit.

A Painful Grocery Bill

Many people buy non-food items at the grocery store. And even think of them as part of their grocery budget. With the rise of ‘supercenters’ more people are combining their grocery shopping with their ‘other’ shopping. Often it is more convenient to buy everything in one stop. But it’s often not the cheapest solution.

Help! I Can’t Afford Christmas

The less money you have to spend on Christmas the earlier you have to get started. Bargains go quickly as we all know. In this article, I give some great ideas on saving money on presents, and offer suggestions on presents that you can make yourself.

Resolve to Improve Your Finances

Kick off the new year with these 7 money resolutions and get a fresh financial start to the new year. At year’s end, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve reduced your debt load and the money you’ve saved!

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