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Passion and Pensions: How to Balance Money Matters and Dating

Regardless of how many relationships you’ve had, it is always difficult to manage the financial issues of dating. Different money management styles, income and debt levels are just some of the money matters that the two of you may need to balance.

Money Matters

For some odd reason, most humans have a reflex reaction to tragedies like divorce: they go shopping. While theraputic outlets are recommended, this doesn’t mean the local clothing outlets. Every year, thousands of men and women are left in dire financial straights as the result of a divorce. Before you go buy that new bread maker or flat screen television, take a look at these tips to help prevent you from ending up financially injured:

Mushy About Money?: Being Smart, Not Sentimental About Your Finances

Let’s face it, balancing your checkbook is never going to be foreplay. Many couples avoid discussion of financial issues because they feel it deters from the romance in their relationship. Research shows that arguments over money are one of the leading causes of marital problems and divorce. But being smart about what you spend and save is critical to a balanced relationship.

Single Stay-at-Home Mom

Over 1 million couples get divorced each year and roughly one third of all families are headed by a single parent. According to Raise the Nation, an advocacy group, there are over 13 million single parent households raising 20 million children. They also estimate that only 1/4 receive full child-support.

Lost Opportunities

Sometimes it’s helpful to take a concept out of it’s original environment and see how it fits someplace else. Today we’re going to examine an economic theory and see how it might apply to our personal lives.

Your “Money Quotient”

Every so often it’s a good idea to do a little self-examination. So we thought that you might enjoy a simple money quiz. You won’t need a calculator. Not even a pencil or paper. Just a few minutes to find out your “money quotient”. You might be surprised at what you learn about yourself.

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