Fitness For The Busy Family

By: Alyice Edrich

Who has time for an hour long exercise session these days? With the demands of a career, children, after-school activities, volunteer positions, housework, errand running, and preparing meals, it's no wonder we slack off on exercising.

So where does one find the time let alone the motivation to get in shape? One has to look within. And if that does not work, look outward towards an event or others. Consider using a fitness activity as a way to bond as a family. Just remember that what inspires and motivates one person into action will not be the same for another. If you try to hang on to someone else's motivation, in hopes that it will kick start you, think again. These types of motivations are very easily short-lived and exercising is soon a forgotten pastime.

Now that motivation is no longer a factor, where does one find the time? Exercising is more about moving the body than how many minutes (or hours), at a time, one performs a certain routine. So if time is your excuse, get over it fast. All you need is ten minutes here and twenty minutes there.

Here are some great ways to make fitness a part of your family's busy schedule:

  1. Walk the stairs instead of using the escalator or elevator.

  2. Park in the back of the parking lot, instead of looking for a spot near the main entrance.

  3. Need to run some errands? Take the kids on a bike ride.

  4. Walk your kids to school instead of driving them. You may also consider roller skating or bike riding.

  5. Play a ten minute game of tag. There are various forms such as laser tag and freeze tag. And on hot days, you can turn on the water sprinklers and play tag in the water.

  6. Put up a punching bag in the garage and hit the bag for ten minutes a day.

  7. Instead of going to the matinee, at the local movie theater, head on down to the local swimming pool and swim a few laps.

  8. Instead of watching your favorite sitcom, take the kids to the local skating rink.

  9. Have a tennis court nearby? A 20 minute game of tennis is sure to get the blood flowing.

  10. Have small kids? Wresting is a great way to exert some energy.

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