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See no fat! Hear no fat! Eat no fat?

Many of us wish it were just that easy to lose weight and get in shape. With the national elections just about a year away, and the campaigns heating up, expect more “fat” legislation, more “fat” lawsuits and more comparisons to the political wars.

Tea Boosts the Body’s Immune System

New reports suggest that tea can boost the body’s immune system up to five times its normal level

Eating for Energy: How to Manage Your Mood with Food

The connection between the food you eat and the energy you radiate is common sense. You have felt, I’m sure, the lethargy after a holiday meal and the spring in your step after a wholesome breakfast. But is there a way to tailor your eating routine to maximize your energy levels all the time?

The Aspartame Epidemic

A worldwide epidemic is raging. The cause is a poisonous chemical sweetener, aspartame (marketed as NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful), the most controversial food additive ever approved. In reality it is a drug which interacts with other drugs and changes brain chemistry.

Improving Nutrition and a Healthy Meal

In an effort to improve my family’s nutrition, I have been making a lot of healthy changes to our diet over the past few months. As a homemaker, I am responsible for feeding my family and so am responsible for their nutrition and teaching them nutrition. Speaking from experience, I can say that fast food just doesn’t fit the bill.

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