Eczema and Your Baby

It’s irritating and painful, sore and itchy – eczema is an unpleasant skin condition to have at any age. Babies and toddlers affected by it can become distressed and angsty, plus it’s difficult for parents to see infants suffering.

Put the Spice back in your Life: Take a Spice Bath

Pure indulgence: a nice long soak in a spice bath.  Try this spice bath recipe and indulge your senses.

Causes of scalp itch

Scalp itch is bothersome but can be easily treated.  Causes include psoriasis, dermatitis, and head louse.

Does that Chocolate have Your Name on it?

Does That Chocolate Have Your Name On It? Does That Cheesecake Call Out to You? Hogwash! 4 Simple, Sure-Fire Techniques to Squash Temptation Now

Diaper rash: The raw truth

There are several causes of diaper rash in infants and babies.  The best treatment is to understand the risk factors and prevent severe diaper rash from occuring.

Recognizing Postpartum Psychosis

Postpartum psychosis: a serious post pregnancy mental illness with warning signs you should know.

What causes an itchy scalp?

A dry, itchy scalp is commonly caused by dermatitis (contact or seborrheic), head lice, or psoriasis. Treatment is available!

The Emerging Popularity of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is currently receiving a significant degree of attention as the treatment of choice for individuals needing assistance with a variety of psychological disorders. It is a structured, pragmatic approach to dealing with problems and is appealing to those seeking therapeutic treatment.

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