The Fundamental Aspect of the Triple Jump for Dummies

Modern triple jump started in Scotland in the mid 19th century. German Ludwig Jahn did a jump that is really close to today’s technique in the mid 19th century. The triple jump is one of the most demanding and unique events in track and field today; it requires a combination of balance, strength, rhythm, and speed in order to be successful. The triple jump is composed of five distinct phases which must flow together in order to achieve a positive outcome. These phases are the approach run, hop, step, jump and landing phase.

New Research: The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight Is To Eat A Vegetarian Diet

People in the United States are more overweight than ever. As a result, the struggle to mange weight has spawned an entire industry of special diets and dieting clubs. Unfortunately, most popular diet plans are either too extreme or they’re difficult for people to sustain. A good example is the Atkins diet. Although it has helped many people lose weight by effectively cutting out all carbohydrates, people have a hard time sticking to it, and critics claim it doesn’t provide balanced nutrition. So in the search for the perfect diet, authors Susan E. Berkow, Ph.D., CNS and Neal Barnard, MD, found success in an age old practice, vegetarianism.

Fats That Are Good for a Mother

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are in the news because they are needed for a healthy heart and brain, plus they are absolutely crucial for the healthy development of a fetus or child. Unfortunately, they are usually deficient in mothers since they are drawn on heavily to grow a baby during pregnancy and breast milk is loaded with them, and most women don’t have anywhere near enough to start with.

Finding the Right Therapist for You

When people are overwhelmed with life’s problems, seeking the assistance of a quality counselor can be a challenging task. People have the right to expect a high level of professional expertise when it comes to selecting a therapist. There are a variety of considerations to ponder when shopping for a “good fit” within the counseling community. Here some issues to consider.

The Best Food Sources for Fiber

When people think of sources of fiber, they often think of bran. One of the most potent sources of bran can be found in All-Bran with Extra Fiber, which can carry up to 15 grams of fiber per serving. However, if you’re like me, eating that cereal day in and day out can get old very quick. Here’s a quick list of the best (non-cereal) food sources for fiber.

The Plight of the Phobic Flyer

With summer fast approaching, now is the time when many of us plan and carry out our vacation plans. We get on the internet, or call the airlines or travel agent, and book our flights. Apart from the inconvenience and stress of the airport security process, most of us manage to cope with airline travel routine without a great deal of anxiety.

Katrina Survivors and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

In the years to come, we can expect to be faced with monumental emotional fallout from this natural disaster affecting our people. In order to assist those who experience PTSD, one must understand the features of the disorder. Here is a general overview of the symptoms.

How To Turn Worry Into Appropriate Concern

It is not unusual for a loved one say to us, “I just want you to know, I worry about you.” Worrying is an emotional reaction which plagues many of us. It is a self-defeating reaction to problems and stressors and does not lead to any practical resolution of issues.

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