Cognitive Therapy’s Approach To Anxiety

Anxiety is a reaction to our thinking, beliefs, and underlying assumptions about life. However, it is usually not our primary anxiety that creates our distress. It is our secondary symptoms—or our anxiety about our anxiety that intensifies our symptoms.

The Mystery Of Dreaming

Carl Jung, founder of Jungian psychology, believed that individual’s store psychic energy in the unconscious mind. The “unconscious” is the inner storing house that is not open to awareness unless we cooperate with ourselves (or our Higher Power), in the journey toward personal growth and development.

Paying Attention To Your Own Body – Key To Women’s Health

Paying attention to your own body is also essential when it comes to the very basics of women’s health. Women should be very familiar with every part of the body—including the sexual organs—and should be able to detect unusual changes or unordinary pain, as it could be an early sign of a more severe condition.

The 1-Week $45 Dollar Emergency Menu (Feeds 4-6 People)

I’ve seen various places around the web claim that in an emergency you can feed your family for only $10 or $20 a week. While I appreciate their intentions, I have noticed that they all assume you have certain supplies already on hand. In my experience this isn’t always the case. Forty-five dollars will seem outrageously abundant to some, while it will seem miniscule to others. It is the smallest amount I was able to come up with that will provide enough supplies to an empty kitchen to feed an entire family for a week.

Maintaining Women’s Health

There are many important aspects to maintaining women’s health. One important foundation is to good health is built by a combination of healthy diet and frequent exercise. Studies have shown that women who exercise are more likely to live longer, avoid chronic health conditions and report greater overall satisfaction with their lives.

An Apple Or A Pear?

It’s more than a question of taste. Eating an apple is infinitely better than looking like one, according to experts at the American College of Cardiology (ACC). Humor aside, research has drawn significant links between body shape and heart disease. The American College of Cardiology is hoping to reshape America by highlighting this new health data on World Heart Day.

10 Reasons To Eat Local Food

Eating local food not only helps the local economy, it also provides fresher produce, better taste, and much more. Jennifer Maiser offers 10 good reasons to eat local food.

Health Benefits Of Coffee

The popularity of coffee is on the rise in the United States. In just about every major city, each block is littered with locally owned and franchised-based coffee shops. With so many people drinking coffee now, it begs the question “is coffee good for you?”

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